Jade and Michael

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How We Met

We met when I was sixteen and he was nineteen. I knew that we would end up together upon first meeting him.

how they asked

We planned a day together in our favourite forest, as he was travelling interstate the following day so we wanted to spend some time together. We ate mangoes, explored the redwoods & just enjoyed each others company. It’s funny, I had no idea that anything was going on throughout the day, but he later said he was riddled with nerves! During the day when we were gazing at the trees, I said “If you ever propose, you have to do it here. This is my favourite place in the world!”, little did I know!

He later said “let’s play a game!”, he then blindfolded me and span me around, I heard him scurry off and unzip his backpack, then I heard “beep” on my camera, which meant he had pressed record. It was at that second that I knew what was happening. He said I can take my blindfold off, then I looked down and he was on one knee, with a hand carved pinecone ring box, then asked me to marry him.

I was in complete shock, I burst into tears and cried for what felt like a year (as you can see in the video!), I didn’t even say yes because I was crying so much! We embraced each other and both were completely overjoyed!

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