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Jade and Matt's Engagement in Boulder River, MT

how they asked

Matt and I met in Florida. We knew early on that we wanted to be together for a long time. He ended up getting a job offer in North Dakota. We agreed that he couldn’t pass up the great opportunity and began planning to move to ND! I had never been anywhere in that part of the country but Matt had grown up in Montana and still has his family there so we decided to stop there first.

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He took me camping for the first time on the Boulder River and showed me where he grew up. We spent a lot of time with his family as well. Right before we left to go to North Dakota he said he wanted to take me on my first hike and his friend Austin would be there as well.

I knew Matt and Austin were into photography so them bringing cameras didn’t really give me any idea to what was about to happen. We hiked up to a beautiful location called Trinity Falls. After exploring the area for a little while, Matt asked if we could take a picture together in front of the Falls. We sat down and Austin took the photo. I stood back up and was surprised to see Matt kneeling on one knee, and that’s how they asked if I would marry him. And of course, I SAID YES!?

Best hike ever!

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