Jade and Jonathan

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How We Met

Me and Jon have known each other for 7 years. We had always been friends and hung out a few times. Every time we saw each other in public we would always speak to one another. We had the same friends so we saw each other a lot! July 31, 2014 Jon sent me a Facebook message asking me if I wanted to go four-wheeler riding or go to New Orleans with him that coming up weekend. Unfortunately I had to work that weekend, but I was super excited he messaged me.

The next week he called me at work and we exchanged numbers and that weekend we went to the movies together ( Our first date). After that day we spent almost everyday together. Jon has children and I got to do all kinds of fun stuff with them. Me and Jon grew closer and on September 27, 2014 its was official that we were together. Not long after that we moved in together, and we’ve been together ever since. We didn’t really start talking about marraige until this year.

how they asked

It started off just like a normal day would, we both got up and went to work. I got off of work at 3 that day and I went home and got ready for that night. Jon told me that we were going to take the boat out and some friends were going to go with us to the lake. The town that the lake is in has a festival every year called Thunder on Water. That night they were going to shoot fireworks over the lake. Jon comes home to pick me up and I’m dressed to go the lake, and he tells me put on a dressier shirt. So I do and we leave for the lake. The whole way to the lake Jon is quiet, and he is never quiet. I ask him if something is wrong and insisted it wasn’t.

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Time goes on and we get out on the lake and our friends show up. After a while it gets dark and we head to the middle of the lake to see the fireworks. The fireworks start going off and I’m standing beside Jon watching them. While I’m watching the fireworks, Jon turns and gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I was in total shock I had no idea he was planning on asking. I kept asking him if he was “serious”. Everyone on the boat knew but me. Of course I said yes!!

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