Jade and Jamie

How We Met

We met 6 years ago when I worked in a leisure center. One of our daily jobs was to tidy the changing rooms in the evening before it was due to close. I spotted Jamie in the men’s changing rooms and had to ask him to get changed in the changing rooms adjacent to the men’s. He left, I believed he had gone completely so began to explain to my colleague how amazingly attractive I thought that last guy was.

Proposal Ideas Machu Picchu

He appeared back in the changing rooms with a grin… he heard everything! (Cringe) Days later I was in the squat rack and upon looking in the mirror I could see the attraction was mutual… he got busted! Jamie then asked his personal trainer about me days later and the rest is history

how they asked

Two years ago we decided to book the Inca trail in Peru. Then without me knowing Jamie and my mum paid a cheeky visit to Hatton Gardens in London, November last year. Where Jamie designed my ring. They had to be extra careful as I work in the area so were paranoid they were going to be caught.

Jade and Jamie's Engagement in Machu Picchu

Eight months later we begin our trek, the first day was a breeze. The 2nd day was the hardest day by far, we could barely breathe. The novelty of sleeping in a tent had worn off, it was cold, the toilets were just a hole in the ground with a couple of footprints, showers were no existent it was all about the baby wipes. Day 3 was much easier our guide had told us the worst was over.

Day 4 the final the day we’d been waiting for the last bit of the trek to Machu Picchu! This was a 4 am get up, finally, we could bid farewell to the tent. Knowing you were going to be sleeping in a real bed and have a warm shower that night was lush! Jamie’s mood has changed a lot on this day if anything he seemed grumpy. I thought this was due to the weather. We had glorious weather throughout the whole trek and then the final day it was stormy and raining.

Our guide explained that we might not have good views of Machu Picchu because of it. We finally reached Machu Picchu, It was all worth it, the cloud had cleared and we were in a place we had both wanted to visit for a really long time. We eagerly handed our phones to the guide to take a picture. There I stood posing at the top of Machu Picchu for a picture and Jamie got down on one knee. He asked ‘will you marry me?’ I of course then blubbered out a yes. Who would say no to that!

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