Jade and Jake's Magical Proposal

professional proposal photography _014How we met: It was July 10 2014, I was working the gun range at the local gun shop I work at. At the time, I was wearing a fake wedding ring so I wouldn’t get hit on but then Jake walked in and I quickly switched the ring over to the other hand. He was just so handsome and was wearing an “I am second” polo which instantly assured me that he was religious just as I was.

After his time on the range, I helped him with a gun and sold it to him. He just kept starring and I could feel myself turning red and didn’t want to mess up. I introduced myself but failed to give him my number at the time. I was definitely kicking myself that day.

I had also texted my mom and my best friend and told them both I met my future husband today. Luckily, he came in two days later and was going on the range again and I had a second opportunity to do it. While he was on there, I wrote a note that said “you should take a ‘shot’ and call or text me sometime ” and made sure the range master gave it to him when he was done.

It worked. I had no idea a year ago I would’ve found my future husband right there in the gun shop!

professional proposal photography _104

how they asked: We’ve talked about marriage before because we share the same morals and values and knew we weren’t going to date to just waste each other’s time. He knew that I did some modeling before and that my favorite photographer that I’ve worked with is Ashley DePencier. So on Christmas Day, we were opening gifts and I received a card with a photo session with Ashley.

I knew I wanted to use it at the end of February or beginning of March when the Bakersfield orchards bloom. I’m pretty gullible and oblivious to obvious signs so everything got past me. A week or so before the shoot, Ashley had messaged me asking if it would be okay if our session was videoed for her blog and of course I didn’t mind. When the time finally came to do pictures, I was in a super lovey mood and just happy.

professional proposal photography _685

In the middle of the shoot, Jake asked Ashley if we could see the photos and while she was showing us, he said “there is something wrong with the picture”. I literally tried to so hard to figure out what was wrong with it but just went along with it. Ashley said “lets redo the picture” and Jake said “there is something wrong with this (pointing at my promise ring) let’s try something else.”

I quickly backed away and asked “what are doing” and he got down on one knee.

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professional proposal photography _Gonzalees_Thomasy_Ashley_dePencier_Photography_MG9974

It all made sense; from my nails, to the attire, to the photographer and cinematographer, just as I had pinned on Pinterest.

professional proposal photography _701

I’m glad the video was captured so we can watch it and show our future kids….

The ring was in a golden snitch, he’s the catch and I’m the keeper, referring to Harry Potter because we’re both fans. It’s super cheesy and couldn’t have pictured or expected my proposal any other way.

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professional proposal photography _066450015

Photos by Ashley dePencier Photography