Jade and Benjamin

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How We Met

Her Memory: We met at a college party, where Ben was lightly bickering with one of my friends. I barged into the conversation to help defend her. He was cute, and kind of being a jerk, so obviously I was interested. At the end of the night, he asked for my number, which I reluctantly gave. ;) He ended up being the best texter ever. And on top of that, we ended up being in the same class. (Why I was in International Affairs, I have no idea)… It was a class of, like, 200 people. Ben and I ended up seeing each other, and from there, you can physically see the evolution of the relationship. We started with sitting in the same row, then sitting next to each other, then holding hands, and so on. Fun Fact: It was my first class in the morning. So, I would wake up really early, and get super dolled up for Ben. After, I would go home, change into my sweats, throw my hair into a ponytail, and head to the rest of my classes!

His Memory: We met at a college party, where I was lightly bickering with one of Jade’s friends. Some sassy girl barged into the conversation and attempted to defend her, but failed. She was cute, but she thought I was being a jerk so I had to remedy the situation, and I was most definitely interested. At the end of the night, I asked for her number and she happily forked it over. We somehow ended up in the same 300-person lecture and Jade spotted me from across the auditorium when I raised my hand for being a business major. I will never forget the intensity and crazy smile of that stare from across the room. She stalked me for the remainder of the semester, although I couldn’t tell if she enjoyed my company or copying my test answers. As of writing this, we’ve made it almost 8 years and we’re somehow not sick of each other. We’ve moved cities, traveled the world, developed careers, raised a pup, and fallen more in love than I ever thought possible, and it’s all because of one night on a rooftop in Boston.

how they asked

To Note: Jade and Ben have been together FOREVER, to the point where Jade thought she would be sassy the day Ben proposed, with a response of “about time!” and energetically hold her hand out. But, that was so, so not the case. Jade had NO IDEA Ben was surprising her in LA to propose, she absolutely lost it and sobbed hysterically

And let’s begin… Jade was planning to go home for the weekend (LA), and Ben simultaneously agreed that it was a good weekend for him to go to his home (BOS), because it was his dad’s birthday weekend. Jade told her mom, and was then informed that it was the perfect weekend to come home because her step-dad had this huge work gala to attend at the Griffith Observatory, and they could get all glam’d up! They head to the observatory, all looking dapper, and decide to look at the view before going into the gala. As Jade stares into the sky, she hears Ben’s voice behind her. Chills run down her spine, and immediately as she heard his voice, she knew this was the moment. She turns around, looks at Ben, holding one rose, and breaks down and cries. Hysterically. And cries some more. She lets Ben say one word and then continues to cry some more. Finally, Ben was able to give his speech, of which Jade heard none of it, due to her incessant crying and hyperventilating. (Need not worry, Ben repeated it at dinner!). Afterward, Jade pulled herself together, still ready to go to the gala.. which she was told didn’t exist! Totally went over her head. The night was far from over. Ben surprised her with a romantic twinkle-light dinner, and then followed with a night spent in an elegant tree house! (champagne, rose petals, fireplace, Italian opera…the works). Ben didn’t pack her an outfit for the next day, so she had to walk-of-shame home.

We are getting married at Gilbertsville Farmhouse! They hit all of the checked boxes. I was looking at several different venues, but the minute I saw theirs online, I knew they were the one! Gilbertsville Farmhouse had everything I wanted: rustic chic, glamping, affordable, allows food trucks.. and then, of course, so much more offerings and amazingness came out of it!

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