Jade and Ashton

How We Met: We met at our mutual church in 2012. Our pastor had mentioned to both of us separately that we should met because he thought we would get along. On his last college service night, we met and we went on dates for a few weeks and then began dating. Crazy thing is, we broke up 5 months later and remained really good friends. We started talking again more intentionally during the summer of 2014 and he asked me to be his girlfriend again in January of 2015.

how they asked: We had been planning to attend my grandparents 50th anniversary celebration in Ft. Myers, FL. Little did I know, he had planned with my entire family that he would propose during our family bbq. The family told me we were all taking a group picture. I went outside to take the picture and saw my best friend from Maryland there. I knew something was up because she wasn’t on the trip with us. I turned and looked at all the cameras staring at me and saw Ashton with a box in his hand and I was completely shocked!!