Jade and Andy

How We Met

It didn’t take too long (a matter of a couple of days) for us to catch each other’s eye in the 9th grade. Andy & I went to different elementary and middle schools, but thankfully wound up at the same high school together. During our very first semester of high school, Andy & I shared 3 out of our 4 classes together..so needless to say, we saw a lot of each other within the first few weeks of school. It didn’t take us long to realize that we also shared a mutual friend. Randomly one day, the mutual friend asked me, “What do you think about Andy Lavender?” Well…to be quite honest, I had a boyfriend at the time so I just said, “He’s cute.” Well, “He’s cute” turned into a lot more very quickly. Because we had 3 out of 4 classes together, we began passing notes to one another on a daily basis..but for a while, it didn’t go much further than that. Andy was very shy, so our communication was limited to a piece of paper being passed back and forth between our classmates. As weeks passed, it was pretty obvious that we wanted to try to work things out and Andy officially asked me to be his girlfriend in front of the 9th grade lockers at Rock Hill High School on September 28, 2009. Coming up on 8 years together, our love only continues to grow stronger!

how they asked

On June 9, 2017, Andy popped the big question at the Riverwalk in Rock Hill, SC. Prior to the day, my bestfriend Natalie reached out to me saying that she was going to be in town for the weekend and really wanted to get her nails done. Without even really being asked, I immediately said, “Oooo I need to get mine done, too!” This was just the beginning of what was to follow. That night, I told Andy what my plans were for that Friday afternoon so that he didn’t plan anything for us for after work that day. On that Wednesday before, he told that he had planned a date night for us at 6:30 at the Pump House, knowing that I had other plans…typical boy. I was stressing that I wasn’t going to have enough time to get off work, get my nails done and be ready & at dinner by 6:30 that I didn’t even give myself an opportunity to think about what could possibly be happening that night. Fortunately, everything worked out and I was actually prepared & on time, but on the way to the Pump House for our dinner reservation, Andy “got a call from Pump House” saying that our reservation was going to have to be pushed back 20-30 minutes. Although it was like 85 degrees outside, Andy had the bright idea of just walking down the riverwalk trail that was directly beside Pump House. At this time I was thinking “What the heck…who is this guy? He would usually choose to go sit up at the bar & have a drink rather than go for a super hot stroll down the trail right before dinner” but I just went with it. As we began walking, he was like, “Lets just walk towards that bench down there.” At this point, I started thinking, “OH MY GOSH THIS IS IT…” but then was like, “No, I’mjust being crazy & getting my hopes up. This boy is playing me like crazy.” So we continue to walk, & as we got to the bench he began talking & then nodded up at a tree that held a sign saying, “Will you marry me?” I immediately started kissing him before he could even get down on one knee & verbally ask me…but eventually I let him ;) I

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was so caught off guard and couldn’t stop smiling & crying, but it wasn’t over yet!! Andy was hugging me and completely spun me around in which I learned that both of our families and many of our friends WERE RIGHT THERE WATCHING THE ENTIRE THING. Afterwards, we got to celebrate with our families and some of our closest friends and it was the most perfect night ever! I am still in shock that this is MY story to tell!!!

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