Jade and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I first locked eyes in September 2014 at a fitness convention in Perth. Alex first noticed my bright blue leggings and my peachy behind before whispering to his friend “I’m gonna make her my girlfriend”. I thought he was just a ginger perve at that stage. Alex then plucked up the courage to send a friend request and stalk me on facebook. When I found myself having to find a new housemate, Alex jokingly put his hand up but somehow it became a reality. About six months later, after some not-so-subtle hints about his feelings for me, I officially asked Alex to be my boyfriend… and the ginge said “YES!”

how they asked

I was told we were going for a weekend trip but I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions about it. I didn’t know where, I didn’t know what to pack, I didn’t know why! Almost convinced he was planning to murder me, we arrived at an unsuspecting property three hours drive south of Perth. It was such a beautiful setting with the hills, the greenery and nearby lake. I then noticed there were pitched canvas tents scattered across the grass, with Alex revealing we were glamping for the weekend! I thought this was the suprise and was so thrilled! Relieved and thrilled. As the sun began to set, Alex set up the camera for, what I thought was, a photo opp to show off our beautiful glamping tent. Then he started telling me how much he appreciated me and that I was his soul mate. I felt his heart pounding rapidly, and as he started to rifle through his coat pocket, I sensed this was no ordinary moment. As he knelt on to one knee, I threw my face in my hands whilst catching a glimpse of a purple ring box that held the most beautiful ring I could have imagined. And with that, Alex asked me to marry him. And I obviously said “YES!”.

Image 1 of Jade and Alex