Jada and Tanzel

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How We Met

It was September 20, 2014, I was only one month into my college career at Xavier University when I went to a popular bar on Tulane University’s campus in New Orleans called “The Boot.” In order to get into the bar you had to be 18 years old, but I was only 17 at the time so my cousin decided to stay outside and talk to one of my old friends with me. Two guys walked up and started talking to us about football and how they just played a game against Duke University. Since they thought they were so cool, I asked my now fiancé “Did you actually play in the game” and he responds “Yes I did!” lol. He walks away, but then comes back because he knew he didn’t want to be done talking to me. So we ended up talking and joking around throughout the night. After a while we walked to another bar a couple blocks away. I was excited because not only was he able to get me in, but we were able to skip the line since he was a Tulane football player. We stuck together the rest of the night, and neither of us wanted to leave. When it was time to go he walked us to the car and we took a picture and exchanged numbers. I sent my mom the picture of us and said, “This is my future boyfriend/husband!!” He text me that night and ever since we’ve talked every day. The day we officially got together was July 6, 2015.

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How They Asked

It was on a Sunday, 3/8/2020, and we were having our annual “Soul Food Sunday.” This year my mom told me she was also inviting her real estate clients in order to show her appreciation for them, so I knew it would be a little different. When we pulled up to my mom’s house she wasn’t letting anyone park in the driveway which I thought was kind of strange, but I just let it go. I walked inside and saw some of my family members already there, but no clients. I started socializing and enjoying all of my family that was there. Some time passed and two of my mom’s “clients” come in. One of them has a camera, so my mom tells us he is taking pictures for her since she is trying to build her brand. Oblivious me still doesn’t think anything of it. About an hour into the party my best friend tells me to come upstairs because she wanted to talk.

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After about 10 minutes we go back downstairs and no one is in the house anymore. Me still being oblivious says, “Oh something must be going on outside.” So we go outside and that is when I knew I was getting ready to say yes to forever. I see everyone standing in a circle around my fiance and I hear the saxophone player playing me and my fiancé’s favorite song. The two guys I thought were my mom’s clients ended up being the photographer and videographer.

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The circle opens up and I walk up to my fiancé smiling from ear to ear (right before I started bawling my eyes out.)It truly felt like a fairytale and it will forever go down as one of the best days ever. What made our proposal even more special and sentimental was that he proposed to me only 4 days after his mom died and on the exact date 12 years ago that my grandmother died. The Saxophone player also played Amazing Grace for his mother. This day is not only dedicated to us, but to them too!!!

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