Jacqui and Nigel

Image 1 of Jacqui and NigelHow We Met: we happened to meet about 13 years ago at a dance studio where we would both go to break dance, but hadn’t kept in touch.

About 4 years ago we happened to run into each other at the ‘Cheers’ bar of our neighborhood and realized we had mutual friends. I ran into him out one night and kept talking about how he had the best way to propose to his future wife, and I asked, “Well, how”? and he replied, ” I can’t tell you because what if I end up marrying you”?

I was most definitely giggly and laughed it off. We continued to see each other out quite often and about a year later, he asked me out on our first real date- with backstage access to Pitchfork music festival! It was the most unreal first date I had ever been on, and that same night we shared our first kiss and were inseparable ever since!

how they asked: We had gone to an anniversary dinner at Fogo de Chao, which happens to be one of our favorite restaurants. I was really excited and happy to just be out enjoying our anniversary together, but he told me that I couldn’t have my gift ( that he was carrying around) until after dinner. Of course I couldn’t help but eat really fast. Once we finished eating, he takes a book out of the bag, and I realized it was a book that he had made with all of our photo strips over the course of our relationship with a little summary of how he felt at that time or what we did and specific dates of when they were taken. I really indulged myself reading page for page, caption first, then looking all the pictures in the exact way I was supposed to.

I was already crying so much at how sweet and amazing this gift was until I got to the last page… it had said, “So I have one more question to ask.. ” and then in the photo strip on that page was him with different signs in each frame saying, ” WILL YOU MARRY ME?”I sobbed like a baby and we toasted with friends and a photo booth immediately after.

Image 2 of Jacqui and Nigel