Jacquelyne and Tyler

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How We Met

Jacquelyne and I met 7 years ago through my mom who got coffee every morning from her. One day I was getting my moms coffee and pulled up to the stand and fell in love instantly. I would go there every night to visit for about 3 or 4 months and eventually got the courage and ask her out. We went dancing and my heart was racing the whole night and I was sweating and weak at the knees! After dancing for a few hours our eyes locked and kissed!!! At that moment my heart was hers.

Shortly after my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 skin cancer. Jacquelyne was my rock through everything the good days and a lot of bad ones as well. My mom passed away after battling 4 years and she never left my side for one second.

Unfortunately Jacquelyne and I split up about a year after my heart being broke from my moms death and not able to be the boyfriend I needed to be.

Fast forward one year I was on Facebook one day and had a message and who was it from but Jacquelyne!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes but didn’t get too excited . Then read the words “I miss you” she stole my heart once again!

How I Asked

We gave it another shot and within a year I already knew I needed to make this amazing girl my wife. So the planning began! I went and talked to her parents and found an amazing rooftop in Seattle WA called the nest. I secretly arranged everyone to come telling all but a few it was a Groupon deal for a sunset happy hour. I had a friend ready to video the whole thing secretly. Jacquelyne showed up with her parents not knowing what was about to go down! The video below will show the rest!

Our Video

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