Jacquelyn and Keith

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How We Met

It’s funny how life works. Timing really is everything. On December 12th, 2015 I was in my PJ’s on the couch when a girlfriend called me really upset. Her date for the charity event that night had basically stood her up. She asked if I would go with her to take her mind off of everything. I really did not want to go. I wasn’t in the mood to get dressed up and socialize, but my friend needed me. I put on a random cocktail dress from my closet and called an Uber. When I got to the event my girlfriend introduced me to the host of the party, he seemed like a really nice guy. We talked football briefly I thanked him for putting on the event and left shortly after to go meet my other friends at another Christmas party. A few weeks later I was invited by another friend to join their group for New Years Eve. The NYE plan was to grab a nice dinner and then end the night at a New Years Eve party on the other side of town. When I got to the party I walked straight to the bar and this guy comes up to me and says hello, I look up and a light bulb went off… Wait a minute..I remember you, you were the host of the charity event a few weeks ago, what are you doing here I asked? He laughed and said, well, I’m hosting this party too. “Welcome.”

He went on to buy me a drink and we talked for a good bit. I remember I really enjoyed his company, but still wasn’t romantically interested… I even teased him a bit about his age (he’s 12 years older than me). It was all light and fun. I left at the end of the night not thinking anything of it. The following week I was out with some friends and I ran into him. I then remember asking him, “Are you stalking me?!” He chuckled, and said I think “you’re following me”. It was then he asked for my number and I gave it to him. He apparently asked my friend for my number earlier and had texted me, bu had saved the wrong number so I never got the text. The following week there was a massive blizzard and I was snowed in for days alone. During that time we started texting regularly. He offered to make the trek (with his friend) to come get me out of the house to watch football. We spent the whole day together. I remember I really liked this guy’s energy, and if anything I found a new buddy to hang out with.

That snow day led to us being inseparable. I refused to say I was dating him for months (which I think he liked more… the chase!) He would ask me to dinner and I would say I couldn’t but I’ll meet him for a “one on one happy hour” (eye roll, yes, I know). The “one on one happy hours” only lasted so long… around St. Patrick’s day he was a bit irritated and said, when will you finally say you’re with me?” I laughed, and said we’ll see… (again, he loved the chase). Around Easter it was clear, I was falling totally in love with the guy. My lease was running up and I needed to move that summer, he knew that meant I would sign a lease for another year, so he suggested that I move in with him. I had never lived with a significant other before, but something was very different about him. I figured worst case scenario it doesn’t work out, and I can easily move out. I moved in that summer and we have been going strong since.

how they asked

Keith and I really love to travel together. My golden birthday was coming up on January 30, 2017. I would be the big 3-0. My birthday present from him was a trip to Antigua. I thought he might propose marriage. We had been living together for 6 months at this point and we had talked about it, but when we go there he seemed so chilled out I thought surely it’s not happening this trip. The second day we were in Antigua he suggested we go to the other end of the island for the sunset and dinner at Carlisle Bay. When we arrived they said we were a bit early for the restaurant, but if we wanted to walk to the end of the dock we could catch a great sunset and they’ll let us know when they were ready for dinner. As we walked down the beach to the dock there were these two women. One was taking pictures of the other at the end of the dock.

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I remember distinctly telling him let’s not get in their way and go over here. As I go to sit on the edge of the dock to watch the sunset he yells, “No! don’t sit” confused, I turn around and he puts his hand on my shoulder and then tells me how much I mean to him. He then pulls a ring out of his pocket..

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and gets down on one knee (yes ladies, he kept a diamond ring loose in his pocket not in the box) My first reaction was holy sh*t that’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen… my second reaction was, and I blurted out holy SH*T please don’t drop that in the ocean. Because as I looked down at him I noticed the gap in the dock and a very blue ocean below him. He put the ring on my finger and I was a crying mess. It was the sweetest moment ever.

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Turns out the woman taking pictures on the dock was actually the photographer that he hired to capture everything. After the proposal he had a private dinner set up with candles and flowers on the shore. It was stunning and a moment I’ll never forget.

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Special Thanks

Vanessa Hall
 | Photographer