Jacquelyn and Brian's Puppy Proposal

Image 1 of Jacquelyn and Brian's Puppy ProposalI grew up on Long Island and lived there my whole life. After a long and thought out decision in 2011 my family moved to cherry hill nj , but I remained in Ny and moved to an apartment in Manhattan. I went home thanksgiving that year and while walking outside my parents new house Brian the neighbors son rolled down his car window to introduce himself. later that year my family decided the neighborhood wasn’t for them and so they moved back to my house in Long Island.

A few days after I get a message from Brian saying it was nice being my neighbor while it lasted ( I went home twice lol) and that he wanted to see me again. We went out in Manhattan hit it off and two years went by.

On June 22 2014 I thought we were going to the pier in Hoboken to have some sangria and play board games at the outdoor picnic tables. Brian picked me up from the train as usual but dropped me off at anthropology quickly with his credit card and told me to buy a dress because we were taking pictures for our parents.

I bought a dress changed and we walked hand in hand to the pier . We got some sangria and sat at a picnic table that hadImage 2 of Jacquelyn and Brian's Puppy Proposal a Jenga board on it. We started playing and each piece had truth or dare questions hand written on them so we read them out loud to each other.

At one point during the game Brian pointed to a piece and said “pick that jenga piece”

I giggled and said you’re just trying to get me out. I eventually picked that piece and read it to myself it read “will you marry me Jacquelyn” at that point before I could lift my eyes to look at him he was already kneeling in front of me.

At the same time, our friend came out of nowhere and put a rescue puppy named Mason with a box tied to his collar on my lap. Brian said “so what do you say?” And I responded “YES, but how are we going to take care of this puppy?!”

He then opened up the box on the puppy’s collar and inside was the most beautiful ring with his grandmothers diamond in the center.

To make it all even more amazing a photographer was there who he had hired to take photos of the entire proposal!!!

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