Jacqueline and Sterling

How We Met: Sterling and I met in 2008 just before Christmas, we both knew we thought the other was hot but it was highschool and we were both terrified to say anything. I was a junior and he a senior I was best friends with his sister, who thankfully intervened by passing on my number to her brother who texted me Christmas day.

Image 1 of Jacqueline and Sterling

On January 22 2009 We made it official, he is so spontaneous and funny, sweet and caring, and is a major hunk, I am so blessed . We have been together for six and a half years now and I can’t imagine life without him, he is my polar opposite but it works and we work perfectly.

how they asked: This past Christmas I worked ALL DAY, which sucked but I knew I would see Sterling in the morning and a bit at night , I woke up at 5:00 a.m and was getting ready for work, Sterling had gotten up made breakfast, showered and was dressed ( which was odd) I was thrown off by this but didn’t think much of it, we did presents and Sterling asked me “are you ready for your last present” I replied ” no this was too much don’t worry , but thank-you” he then proceeded to get on one knee, which I thought he was falling and went to pick him up, much to my surprise he lightly took my hand and said, I want to spend every Christmas with you, will you marry me?”‘

Image 2 of Jacqueline and Sterling

I sobbed and said YES of course, our Wedding is August the 8th 2015 and I simply cannot wait !

Image 3 of Jacqueline and Sterling