Jacqueline and Stephen

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How We Met

Steve and I met my sophomore year (his junior year) at Wheaton Warrenville South High School. We were both taking Spanish class together with Senorita Bass. During our first semester together, I knew Steve as the good looking older football player (he always wore his letterman jacket) that was seated across from me. The only reason why I noticed him was that he often would try to mouth things to me or talk to me across the classroom, which I thought was odd because I had never spoken to him before or really even introduced to him. It was only after the third or fourth time that this happened that I realized that he wasn’t trying to talk to me, he was trying to talk to the girl sitting behind me! During our second semester, Senorita Bass had a change of seating assignments and wouldn’t you know it… we were seated right next to each other. His first words to me were ” check out how cool my basketball shoes are”. Riveting, I know. As we spent more time sitting next to each other, and seeing each other every day. There was one thing that was made very apparent, Steve was not good at Spanish. Our conversations and interactions revolved mostly around him asking me what Senorita Bass was saying and me translating to him. “What is she talking about”? “Why is everyone laughing”? “What is the video saying”? “What is our homework assignment”? were frequent questions that were brought up between the both of us during our time together in class. Steve took it to the next level when he asked me for my AIM screen name and this is where our relationship really took off! He officially asked me out when neither of us had a Turnabout date, we went to go see a movie. That was 10.5 years ago, and I haven’t been able to get rid of him since!

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how they asked

You can imagine the stress and anticipation that comes with waiting for a proposal after 10 years! Steve has an annual Christmas party every year through his company at Medinah Country Club. This year, he decided that this would be the perfect way to get us dressed up without me noticing anything. We both took PTO for the day so that we could do some fun Christmas activities downtown Chicago before the actual party. We started the day with going to some of my favorite places to eat (3 Arts Cafe, Eataly) and did some shopping on Michigan Avenue. Steve hates the downtown area due to the large tourist crowds and since we’ve moved to Chicago, I have not been able to convince him to go downtown with me once! I was already having such a fun day and knew it would only get better once we arrived to the party! During our drive out there, Steve brought the idea of us getting a picture together at the party for the “gram”. I thought nothing of it and agreed as we rarely take pictures together! Once we arrived to the party, I mingled with his co-workers during cocktail hour while he seemed to be MIA most of the hour. His co-workers once hearing that we wanted to take a picture together all insisted that we climb the 2 flights up of stairs and go up to the balcony. I was not very convinced! I had 4 inch heels on, a short dress, not to mention I wanted to get a seat so that I could make a beeline to the buffet. His co-workers would not let it go, and was a tad aggressive with insisting that we make the trek to the balcony. Begrudgingly, I started heading up towards the balcony with Steve following me. As we are going up the stairs, Steve decides to stop me half-way up and tells me that has forgotten to RSVP to the party and thus we cannot stay for dinner. He said that it slipped his mind and we were only invited for cocktail hour. The last words that I said to him before we arrived at the balcony was “I’m so annoyed at you. Let’s just take the picture and go home”. As we arrived to the balcony, Steve looked at me and asked ” are you feeling a lot of emotions right now”? A litle backstory here, for the past few years, my little joke with Steve was that when he did propose, I wanted to feel the full range of emotions. I told him that I wanted the proposal to be so amazing that I not only felt the typical feelings such as happiness or joy, but I also wanted to feel anger, frustration etc. I looked at him and empathetically said “yes”! He then asked me ” would you say that you are feeling the full range of emotions”? I’m not really sure what happened next as it was all a blur! But I do know that he then asked me to close my eyes which invoked the feeling of trust, he kneeled which invoked the feeling of surprise, and then he asked me to marry him which invoked the feeling of joy! The pictures were taken by my very good friend, Laura, who traveled up from Nashville in order to be a part of the special moment!

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Special Thanks

Laura Fenwick
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring