Jacqueline and Paul

How We Met

Jacqueline and Paul met in Las Vegas through friends! They happened to be living in the same city in VA (at the time), and started hanging out after they returned back home. So, for these two beautifies- what happened in Vegas, did not stay in Vegas (lol). Paul serves in the Navy, so they have been long distance most of their relationship, but that doesn’t effect their love flame. It is well lit.

Image 1 of Jacqueline and Paul

They are so thankful that they found each other during their trip to Vegas. Jacqueline says, “It was destiny.”

Image 2 of Jacqueline and Paul

how they asked

Paul proposed on his 30th birthday (4/17/16). I surprised him with a trip to New Orleans because he had never been, and I received the ultimate surprise. He proposed at dinner after shocking me with some “fake bad news” that completely threw me off from thinking a proposal was coming that evening.

Image 3 of Jacqueline and Paul

Image 4 of Jacqueline and Paul

Next thing I knew he was on one knee and I was completely shocked. Afterward we celebrated the night away on Bourbon street with two of our closet friends. It was intimate, timely, and absolutely perfect.

Image 5 of Jacqueline and Paul

Special Thanks

Anesha Collins
 | Photographer
Jo Michelle
 | Make Up Artist
 | Hair