Jacqueline and Paul

How We Met

Paul and I met first met many years ago — here’s the kicker, he’s my best friend’s step-brother!! So we always joke around about it now that we knew each other, but never really “knew” each other. Anyways, fast forward ten years through college, careers, past relationships, and we both ended up at our favorite hometown bar, Hunter’s, one Friday night. Both of us were single at the time, thank god for my best friend for filling me in, and we just began talking, catching up, and having a couple drinks. He told me he had to work early the next morning, but I just couldn’t stop talking. We stayed out that night until 4 am, and I had to have his number. We haven’t ever stopped talking and falling deeper in love ever since. That night I knew my world had forever changed!

how they asked

So my birthday is in April and I will be graduating medical school in May, so honestly, I thought nothing more of this trip. I came home from a long day of rotations at the hospital to a note on the table with a green Christmas bow attached, this still cracks me up, that said “Since I know I’ll never be able to keep this big of a secret from you, pack your bags, we are finally celebrating you and all of your accomplishments.” So I got ready, and NYC bound we were for a cruise to Florida and the Bahamas for sevens days over my birthday week! Who doesn’t love a good birthday celebration!?

Jacqueline's Proposal in Norwegian Gem

So that Saturday morning, things are as normal as ever, as we had to the bus station to travel to the cruise port. Since we had previously talked about eventually getting engaged, I made a funny joke about there was no way he would propose on this cruise ship because there is no way he’d put the ring in his bag and check it through security. Little did I know, at that exact moment, the ring was in his pocket and I never saw it!

We get on the cruise ship and begin to set sail. It was absolutely breathtaking. Setting sail past the Statue of Liberty and my many years of hard work finally beginning to pay off. We have a wonderful dinner that night in the Grand Ballroom. My back is to everyone in the ballroom, so I remember turning around a bunch of times to look at the all the people behind me and hearing him chuckle under his breath; he tells me after he was trying to find the perfect time to do it! We head back to our room, to unpack and head out for the evening. I’m sitting on the edge of the bed putting my shoes on, and he looks like he is about to walk out the door to head out, and he turns back around…

He says, “So, Jacqueline…” no one calls me Jacqueline unless I’m in a lot of trouble, it’s only ever been Jackie, so he had my full attention. He begins to drop down on one knee and all I remember hearing was “Don’t worry I already spoke to your Dad,” (I guess I made that clear how important that was, haha!) I jumped on him and begin crying, hugging him, and screaming. I don’t even if to this day I actually muttered a yes or not! I finally am able to look at the ring, and it was absolutely perfect. Everything I had ever dreamed of a more.

We got to spend an entire, romantic week together on the ship celebrating our engagement and I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect!