Jacqueline and Patrick

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My favorite restaurant

How We Met

In August of 2015, I started working at North Trail RV where Patrick was employed. I always thought he was cute but made no mention of it. Soon after that Patrick left for a deployment with the US Army. He came back in December of 2016 and came into to work to let them know he was back and will be coming to work again soon. I went on Instagram and found Patrick’s profile we started talking on Christmas by sending a Merry Christmas message to each other. I was mentally going through a lot and didn’t expect anything to come of it. My best friend at that time was moving and Patrick was the only one with a truck I asked him to help us and it gave us a chance to hangout and get to each other. I was very shy at first and Patrick probably thought to himself is this girl ever going to talk to me? We continued to hang out and I opened up to him more and every time. Two months into our relationship I told him about everything I have been through and he decided to stick around. Crazy him right?! Well, we were going to Miami for a weekend and I planned to tell Patrick I loved him. I mean why wouldn’t I, he made me a better person and was truly perfect! The night before we left we were going to Naples and Patrick looked at me and said: “I have to tell you something, I think I love you.” Since then we have been inseparable and have an amazing honest relationship. We moved into an apartment together and decided to buy a house together in May of 2018. After owning our home for a couple of months Patrick planned the proposal.

How They Asked

On December 2, 2018, Patrick got my parents, my grandparents, my brothers, his parents and his little sister all together at my favorite restaurant DeRomos in Estero for dinner to ask me if I would marry him. I only thought it was going to be him, myself, my mom and my grandparents. To see everyone there was extremely surprising! So I’m looking around like what the heck is this and he made the announcement, he has bad knees so he didn’t get down one until my dad made him(poor guy!) Of course I said yes! I would be crazy not marry this man!

Patrick O’Neill, I love you so much and I cannot wait to be your wife!

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