Jacqueline and Murty

How We Met: Murty and I met for the first time in 2006.  Our first actual introduction was in June at a local bar where some of our friends had gotten their old high school band together to play a show. It turns out that we had both hung out in the same circles since high school but never actually met until this “reunion” show (though we both admit to noticing each other from our MySpace profiles…) The introduction was kind of in passing and we didn’t say much to each other aside from “Hi” and “Nice to meet you…”

After that, we didn’t see each other again until October at a house party in Brooklyn where I instantly felt myself crushing on him. Over the next two months we would meet at parties where we would spend the night flirting until we would meet at the next party two weeks later and continue flirting … until Murty finally asked for my number.

Then came Christmas time. Yes, Murty had asked for my number, but he was yet to use it! Now, I’m not a very forward girl at all, but I finally got the nerve to call on Christmas Eve, using the excuse that it was just to say “Merry Christmas.” He didn’t answer (he was at dinner), but called back later that night and I ran outside my friend’s house and walked around in the cold talking to him. By the time New Years Eve came, there wasn’t anyone else we wanted to spend it with than each other. We rang in 2007 together and have been together ever since.

how they asked: Fast forward to 2010. I knew we would become engaged soon, we had talked about it many times, but I didn’t know what, if anything, Murty was planning.  I thought I knew what he was planning, but I really had absolutely no idea.

It was Christmas morning 2010. It’s important to know that Christmas is my favorite time of year. Like, more than anything. I’m a kid when it comes to Christmas.

We were going to be celebrating at my mom’s house the entire day, as we do every year. When Murty and I spoke that morning, he asked me to come over to his apartment to open up a few small gifts. At this point, my niece and nephew had just arrived and my Christmas spirit was brewing so I really didn’t want to leave the festivities but I managed to jet over to the apartment anyway, thinking it would be a pit stop.

When I arrived, Murty came to the door with toothpaste on his face, out of breath, with the apartment a disaster behind him (and I STILL suspected nothing!) After a minute or so he told me to open a smallish sized box that was on the arm of the couch. When I unwrapped the box I found a new digital camera. I had told him how much I wanted a new one since mine was giving me a hard time. I was so surprised because I thought we were just opening stocking stuffers! Murty suggested I take it out and try taking a picture with it. I snapped a shot of the two of us and when I went to look back at the photo I had taken, I found three photos of Murty holding the ring.

He had already loaded them on the camera and packaged it back up! I looked up at him, speechless. As I tried to form sentences, he got down on his knee, took the ring out of his pocket, and after saying some beautiful words, asked me to marry him. I remember saying yes more than once! It was such a special moment between the two of us. I feel so lucky to know that I’m marrying my best friend. That time if the year has always meant so much to me, and it just feels so perfect that our relationship has come full circle through Christmas.

Photos by Fleur-de -lees Photography.