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how they asked

Mike and I are going to Europe in 2 weeks to celebrate my birthday so when my cousin Diana told me that she wanted to treat me to a mani/pedi & lunch as an early gift, I didn’t think twice. I was already having a birthday dinner with my parents that night at Sierra Nevada brewery so getting pampered right before sounded like a great idea to me! We spent all day getting dolled up and then I met up with Mike to go to my birthday dinner. When we got to the brewery he said that my brother had told him they were eating upstairs so we headed on up! As I entered the upstairs bar, I looked around and thought I saw a familiar face, then I saw several familiar faces.

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A bunch of my family and friends from out of state were staring right at me and just when I was bursting with excitement because I thought they were here to surprise me for my birthday, one of my cousins tells me to turn around and when I did, Mike was on one knee. Cue the freakin waterworks. I, of course, said YES! & got to spend the rest of the night celebrating with people we love.

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