Jacqueline and Matt

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ireland--Ashford Castle

How We Met

Matt and I met in Chicago, IL in February 2015. He grew up in the city a few miles from Wrigley Field and I had just moved there from Tucson, AZ and was trying to survive my first ever winter! We met at work downtown and began hanging out as just coworkers and friends. After a few months of getting to know him inside and outside of work, I realized how easy it was talking to him and how much he genuinely made me laugh! I think we both weren’t too sure what to make of it until a group of us and our friends attended the first annual Windy City Smokeout country festival.

Where to Propose in Ireland--Ashford Castle

After a lot of beer, whiskey, and dancing, we shared our first kiss and since then we have attended every Windy City Smokeout together as a couple! (Even traveling hundreds of miles since we no longer live in the city!) A few weeks after the original festival he asked me out on an official dinner date downtown where he took me to my favorite celebrities restaurant. After a night of great conversation and laughs I truly left feeling like this could turn into something more amazing and special than I ever thought…and boy was I right about that :)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ireland--Ashford Castle

We have been together for three years now, moved to two new cities together, changed jobs and careers together, dealt with tragedy and also great times together, and the love I have for him has only grown. There is truly no other teammate I want to take on life with and I feel so lucky he picked me because the truth is after a few days of even being his friend, I knew that he was someone I would pick, always and forever.

how they asked

I always knew Matt would plan something incredible and special for the proposal, but even I could have never dreamed of such a romantic, fairytale way to do it. My family and I had planned a trip to Ireland for ten days including my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend, and Matt and I. The first half of the trip was spent drinking Guinness and roaming the streets in Dublin and the last three days my parents had surprised us all by taking us to the Ashford Castle (when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just spent the honeymoon) and booking a three night stay for us…IN THE CASTLE. Just checking into this hotel took my breath away, it truly was the most beautiful place I had ever been let alone been fortunate enough to stay at. I remember thinking “ugh I really wish my parents would’ve told Matt about this place then maybe he could have done something here” haha Well after two days at the castle, learning archery, and falconry and walking through the gardens with champagne, I knew no matter what, that this was a trip I was always going to remember and I was so happy he was here to share it with me.

The final day, my parents said that they wanted everyone to dress up before dinner so that we can get a nice family picture for our Christmas card this year. So, we all did just that and as we started to walk around the absolutely beautiful grounds of the castle, we stopped by the fountain and got a picture of Matt and I. Right after I turned to walk away and he grabbed my hand and when I turned around he was on one knee. I was SPEECHLESS and overcome with emotions, to say the least. I guess he had asked both of my parents for permission months ago and the second he did they told him about the venue and he loved the idea. Honestly, it’s hard to put into words because I could not have imagined a better place or time and I truly have never been so happy in my life than I was saying yes to my forever person, and the fact that it was at a castle was just a surreal cherry on top!