Jacqueline and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met the summer before our freshman year of college at our university’s orientation camp called “Panther Camp”.

We met briefly one morning when he and his friend group sat at my table for breakfast. I had no voice from being sick so the initial meeting was brief but throughout camp, I kept eyeing him. There was just something about him I couldn’t stop thinking about. I remember telling my mom “Idk how but I am going to date this guy sometime in college. Idc if I have to wait till senior year “.

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We proceed to our first semester in the summer and we spot eachother around campus a few times (later to find out our hearts both skipped a beat during those encounters). Then he slid into my Twitter DMs “Hey :)”.

We had Macroeconomics together in the Fall semester, he saved me a seat every day, asked me on a date, and here we are 7.5 years later.

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How They Asked

It all started with “Do you want to go to D.C.?” Kevin asked me this as he was washing the dishes one evening about two months before the special day. He was excited about an upcoming work conference that was taking place in D.C. on a Monday/Tuesday and so he thought why not enjoy the weekend leading up to it. Normal right?

To me, I was excited about his work opportunity and naturally began searching “Things to do in D.C. in April” as we all would. Upon searching, I discovered that the Cherry Blossoms would be in full bloom during this time and I was even more excited as this was on my Pinterest board to see since I was a teenager. I said “WOW what are the odds that the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom during the weekend of that conference!? We are so lucky!” At that moment I am still fully convinced of this. He results to say “wow how funny” And then I went on for 20 minutes showing him everything and hyping it up… Him? “Oh, nice”.

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Fast forward to our trip, I am all gitty mentally planning our dinners with his boss and team, thinking this is a nice little spontaneous weekend getaway. Totally loving it. He even packed his work clothes, his conference badge, and everything (These details are important for you to know before the end of the story if you catch my drift).

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A day into our trip, we make our way to the Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms and it is so beautiful, everything I ever imagined. We’re walking and walking and walking to meet up with his boss who had just arrived that morning. At this point, I’m starting to break a bit of a sweat.

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We get to THE spot and we take our masks off for a selfie. Then Kevin proceeds to tell me:

“So…This is kind of a late April Fools joke. We’re not really here for work. There’s no conference, it’s just us!”

*insert gasp from me here*

“There’s no boss”

*insert hands clasped over my mouth here*

“This is actually all for you”

*insert a big WHAT!? here*

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Then it happens. My best friend of 7.5 years gets down on one knee and pops the question. I can hear the snaps from the photographer on the side, and I can’t breathe at this point. He opens the ring box and it just felt so right. The easiest yes I ever made. When I heard that he had this idea for years and had planned this month in advance, it just made me so much happier to know he wanted it to be so perfect. This is a moment we’ll never forget.

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