Jacqueline and John

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How We Met

It was Winter 2015. I had just transferred to Oakland University, and John was finishing up his Bachelors degree in HRD, Horse Racing Doctor as John always joked. Growing up with mutual family friends, we had known one another, but it was all thanks to a last minute schedule change that our paths crossed. After recognizing John and getting rid of the butterflies, I reached out hoping for a friend. Needless to say, a few Facebook messages, a Starbucks date later, and the rest is history!

We will be celebrating three years in January of 2018. Over the past three years we’ve shared in many wonderful moments. Whether it’s attending The Big House for a Michigan football game, traveling to Disney World for half marathons, or just spending time in their beautiful new home, we are inseparable!

John purchased a home in 2017, allowing us to channel our inner Chip & Jo. After a lot of hard work, we moved to Berkley, Michigan in March of 2017, where we currently live with our Old English Sheepdog, Maize.

I am currently working on her Masters in Social Work and will be finished in the Spring of 2019. We are planning an elegant fall wedding at The Grosse Pointe War Memorial, in September of 2019, to celebrate our love with close family & friends.

Jacqueline and John's Engagement in Belle Isle, Detroit MI

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Belle Isle, Detroit MI

how they asked

I woke up yesterday excited for a date day Downtown Detroit; John and I had planned a morning at Belle Isle followed by a trip to Eastern Market. I was so excited that Spring had finally made its way to Michigan and waned to enjoy it!
After spending the past few weeks talking about getting engaged and our future, I was hoping that he would pop the question soon. As the days came and went, without anything happening, I was starting to get upset. All girls dream about getting engaged, that moment when the one gets down on one knee and asks the big question. I decided the best thing to do was take a step back, live in the moment, and let whatever happen happen.

John and I both had never been to Belle Isle before, but as always John knew a lot of the history. We started the morning at the Scott Memorial Fountain, made our way up to the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, and headed back towards our car. As we walked we talked, about everything! The past two years together, upcoming trips, graduate school, and what needed to still be done on our house. Everything felt beyond perfect as we made our way into the gardens and the conservatory. My heart began pounding and I thought, “this is where it’s going to happen! This is where he’s going to ask me to marry him!” After walking through the green house and nothing happening, I lost hope. It clearly wasn’t happening, this was just another date day. I cleared the doubt from my mind, put a smile on my face, and reminded myself how lucky I was to be here with this man.

On our way back to the car John said we had to make one more stop at Sunset Point. It was the only spot on Belle Isle we hadn’t seen yet and it was too nice of a day not to enjoy the view. As we walked we joked about people coming to Belle Isle, taking selfies, and doing “typical” tourist things. When we got closer to the point, to our amusement, there was a large family doing just that. We broke out into laughter and made our way, John slowing down our pace. We got to the water and took in the view, feeling the sun on our faces, breathing in the fresh air. John pulled me into his arms and turned us, then looked right down at me. At that moment I knew, this is it. This is the moment Robert John Katner is going to ask me to marry him.

My heart began to beat faster and the butterflies started. I did my best to keep myself from crying, but this was everything I had hoped for and more. This was the man I had dreamed about, who I had known for a long time and still find myself wondering how I got so lucky to be his?

After embracing one another, I looked at John asking to make sure he did not have anyone taking photos, which he knew wasn’t needed, and with that grin he does he had me turn. There sat Dan, one of John’s best friends, and his girlfriend Erika, smiling and waving with cameras in hand. After spending the next hour and a half calling family and close friends to share the news, we met up with Dan and Erika to celebrate at Townhouse. After a whirlwind day I could not imagine it getting any better, but of course my romantic fiancé had to take it to the next notch! We ended an amazing day at The Whitney, sharing a romantic dinner with each other, toasting to our future, and celebrating the beginning of the wedding planning.

As I sit here in our living room, staring down at the beautiful ring on my finger, I find myself asking the same question. I cannot believe I get to spend the rest of my life with you, John Katner. As we begin this adventure together there is no doubt in my mind that you are the one for me. You are my one, my only, my everything. I love you!

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