Jacqueline and Javier

How We Met

Javier and I met in high school. We attended Miami Sunset Senior High. We never met until the last month in our senior year during our prom prep. He was in charge of collecting the money from our group for the limo. He went to prom with my high school best friend – We love you, Adi! We never really talked again until that Summer 2010. We began dating when we started our college career at Florida International University. On August 28, 2010, he asked me to be his girlfriend. In 2015, we started our own journeys apart and the rest is HISTORY. We rekindled in the last months of 2017 and it immediately felt like we had never really spent any time apart. We have enjoyed every minute ever since…

How They Asked

Javier and I had an amazing day planned out. The day was a celebration of many things including my law school graduation from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Javier traveled from Indianapolis, Indiana the night before graduation and helped with the decoration set-up for my graduation party the following day. The rule was that we could not see each other until the day after because of the so-called “surprise” set-up. The day of our engagement, I spent the morning at the salon getting ready for graduation. The nerves were killing me as I was putting on my dress and regalia. I really did not have enough words as to my experience that day in seeing all my law school friends and their families, doing boomerangs with my closest friends, and being honored at graduation for my investment in the community as the President of the Public Interest Law Society. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience receiving my Juris Doctor Degree and tried not to let my emotions get the best of me. As I was walking out of graduation, I met with all of my friends and family to take the usual graduation pictures with each and everyone there. Unbeknownst to me, I had a photographer following me around the entire time. Roly, our photographer, must have waited at least an hour before the actual engagement because I was too busy celebrating along with others. Javier wanted to take our own pictures by the fountain.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nova Southeastern University

When I finally got to the fountain we started taking pictures and he looked at me with his beautiful eyes and said he would never miss another important moment EVER in our lives. This brought me to laughter and tears, mostly laughter. The joke was on me.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Nova Southeastern University

Jacqueline's Proposal in Nova Southeastern University

We are grateful for everyone involved. #GutierrezatLast

Special Thanks

Roly Diaz