Jacqueline and Jason

How We Met

Our first date almost never happened. As someone who has always cringed at the thought of dating, my friends were overly persistent about me giving my number to Jason. I was reluctant, but our conversation was easy and quickly led to him asking me out on our first date. Leading up to the date I kept thinking, “what if it’s awkward” or “what if we have nothing to talk about”. I remember one of my friends even said, “I bet you $100 you won’t go”.

So I went… to prove them wrong. What was supposed to be a quick drink turned into an almost 3-hour conversation about pretty much anything and everything? Fast forward to 3.5 years later, I probably owe my friend more than $100 for pushing me into meeting my best friend.

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How They Asked

A few months leading up to my 30th Birthday, Jason began to ask what I wanted to do for it. We joke all the time about how many friends Jason has and how I have to share his time with so many people. So I suggested a daycation just the two of us where we could relax, hang by the pool, and play games. He said he would plan something and that it would be a surprise.

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