Jacqueline and Jacob

How We Met

Jake and I met through a mutual friend, she sent me a picture of the two of them and said that I needed to meet him. When I saw the picture my mind went “that’s going to be your boyfriend” but I really didn’t want a boyfriend at the time! As much as I didn’t want a boyfriend after she told me I should talk to him I kept reminding her to give me his number or something and she told me I could just message him on Facebook. Since I knew he liked Magic the Gathering that was my opener. We talked day and night for about 8 days before I called him “babe” and that was it. I hadn’t even met him in person. The first day we met was interesting, he came over on a Sunday, and I didn’t realize it was Mother’s day, so he basically met my entire family that day, and he survived! He was so cute. He took me on a date the following Friday.

How They Asked

We actually almost got married 3 months into our relationship, but I knew we ran the risk of people finding out and I didn’t want my parents to know. But a year into our relationship he took me to Lithia Park in Ashland, Or, it was a gorgeous day!

Special Thanks

Kara Hoffman Photography
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