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How We Met

Me and Jack met 5 years ago at a local bar during a brunch party. It was my birthday and the champagne was flowing pretty rapidly, I spotted the only guy taller than me (Jack) and approached him. When I got to him I noticed that his phone was cracked and told him that he should take care of that so that he could use his phone to call me (yes, I “hit” on him…it was the champagne talking). A few weeks later he sent me the good ol “wanna grab a drink” text and I said no because 1. I was out on a date 2. I hated that text, I had received it from so many other guys and it lead to the same thing.

Fast forward 3 months (Valentine’s Day) the guy who I was “dating” sent me a text “Happy Valentine’s Day J I hope this day brings you much love and happiness you deserve it xo ::rose emoji & kiss face emoji::”…YUP THAT WAS MY LOVE LIFE, A JOKE! I am an open book and thought it was hilarious so I posted the text on Instagram with a caption along the lines “guess my flowers got misplaced” (side note I don’t even like Valentine’s Day). Within 5 minutes I received a text from Jack (who I hadn’t heard from since the “wanna grab a drink” text) “I wanted to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day, even though I’m sure you got a ton of messages” and I responded “Yup. My mom, dad, and you…thanks!” and that right there was his green light and I was introduced to a whole new Jack.

Jack asked if he could take me to dinner and gave me three days to choose from (aka leaving me with no option to say no and also making concrete plans, it was so mature…something I was not used to in the dating world). The day of the date I didn’t hear from Jack and I was hoping that he would bail, one of my friends sent me a text asking about my excitement level for the date (ha) and I told them it wasn’t happening because I hadn’t heard from him and they responded “why do you have to hear from him, he said the date is at 7 so the date is at 7. If he’s mature there is no reason to reconfirm.” Guess what they were right! At 6pm I received a text from Jack that he was on his way to pick me up…I was blown away and pretty confused because I never gave him my work address, but it turns out he just paid attention to me so he googled my company and got the address. I really didn’t want to go on the date, I was just so over dating…so I wore my least attractive outfit. At 6:55 he called to say he was downstairs and when I got downstairs he was OUTSIDE of the car, gave me a hug hello, and walked me to the passenger side to open and close my door…TWILIGHT ZONE (I know now this is chivalry). When he got in the car he told me he made reservations at a restaurant a few blocks from my job so that I wasn’t out too long because he knew I was sick and tired from working so much. The date was actually really nice actually quite perfect, the best first date I had ever been on…in fact it was the last first date I ever went on. Since that date we have partied together, traveled the world, move from place to place, adopted a puppy, gone through fertility issues, had our baby girl and now engaged. Jack’s consistency has never faded and it is what has gotten us through life and all the ups and downs that come with it.

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how they asked

Back Story:

Early on in our relationship, Jack said he knew he was going to marry me, and so before my grandfather passed away, he asked him for my hand in marriage. He also asked him for the name “Solivan” (my family’s surname). When Jack first told me he wanted to change his last name to mine one day, I was confused because I never thought of that as an option. He explained to me that he had zero relationship with his father who had been a “ghost” in his life and didn’t uphold the meaning or responsibility of a father. He did not want to carry on that name. After meeting and spending time with my family, and especially my grandfather, he fell in love with our family and respected the man my grandfather was–and particularly how he held our family together– so that was the name Jack wanted to represent our family. It was literally the most romantic thing I have ever heard and opened my eyes to what love is. ” Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”

The Proposal:

Jack handed me my gift, I unwrapped a folder with legal papers…the name change papers!! He was changing his name to “Solivan”!! I was so excited and was telling our baby girl “Daddy is changing his last name, we’re going to have the same last name”, it was the best feeling. We had been planning to elope in the future so these papers were the first step in that process, the best Christmas gift ever or so I thought. Jack said “this is the first step” and when I turned around he was on one knee with a ring in his hand and asked “Will you marry me?”. I could not believe it, I thought we were skipping this formality but boy am I so glad we didn’t…that moment was so so special and intimate.

Early on in our relationship I made it very clear that I didn’t want a wedding (even though I love attending them) and I didn’t want an extravagant proposal (even though I watch them on repeat via YouTube) and I didn’t want an engagement ring, I just wanted a band or bands (even though I drool over them) and I don’t like surprises and cannot be surprised. Well outside from hearing the words “It’s a girl” when our daughter was born this was the only surprise in my life and it was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t be happier with a messy hair and PJs proposal in our living room with our daughter and puppy.

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