Jacqueline and Grant

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bermuda

How We Met

Grant, from Jacksonville, Florida and Jackie, from Coral Springs, Florida met living in New York City through friends in 2012. Their love for the Gators gave them something to bond over from the very beginning and their friendship grew until one night when they realized there was something more than a friendship between them. It all started with a kiss at their usual weekend bar in the east village called Hair of the Dog, a very classy establishment. Grant asked Jackie on their first date to a Justin Timberlake concert shortly after the kiss on Nov. 9, 2013. Jackie says he swept her off her feet the entire night and she looked at him differently from then on. They became inseparable ever since!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bermuda

how they asked

Grant really outdid himself when he proposed on Feb. 24, 2017. He surprised Jackie on a Thursday night saying they’d be going to Bermuda, the spot of their first vacation, the next morning. Jackie packed quickly and they woke up so excited for a beautiful weekend getaway escaping the NYC winter at “their spot”. When they arrived Grant was acting totally normal; they went to brunch and decided to go for a walk on a secluded beach. Grant got down on one knee by the ocean and asked Jackie to be his wife. They spent the whole weekend alone enjoying romantic surprises together and describe it as a fairytale.