Jacqueline and Eemahn

Jacqueline's Proposal in Adler Planetarium- Chicago

It all began our junior year of high school at Loyola Academy…he played on the ice hockey team with my brother and cousin so we knew of each other, but we actually met in Ms. Thomas’ British Literature class. We were just friends for about a year, and he would walk me to and from my AP art class and then to my car after school every single day. Everything changed when it came time for senior year homecoming. He asked, and I of course accepted and on that homecoming night we ended up at the Adler Planetarium on the lakefront. It was there that we had our first kiss! I went away to college in Minnesota and he went for a time to Boston for a doctorate program. He stuck by me for three years of stressful law school too but 10 years later, Eemahn asked me to be his wife at this same exact spot we had our first kiss! He had tricked me and said we were going to his work event. I honestly did not think I would be able to make it due to this trial I had been helping on, however he convinced to “come for just 45 minutes.”

We were walking along the lakefront to the planetarium when he pointed out a brown bag that was bundled up on ground. I told him not to touch it and that it looked like garbage…he did anyways. He tore at the paper and red roses popped out. It was at that moment that I realized what Eemahn was up to. It was perfect and beautiful in every way. Our friend Mike, the “secret photographer”, captured the entire proposal. When I thought I couldn’t be happier, Eemahn surprised me again by having both of our families waiting for us at a beautiful downtown restaurant afterwards. We are so excited to be currently planning our multicultural wedding that incorporates our Persian, Mexican and Irish heritages!

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