Jacqueline and Dale

Image 1 of Jacqueline and Dale

Image 2 of Jacqueline and Dale

After Santa delivered snowboards, Dale and I headed to Smugglers’ Notch Ski resort in Vermont. After a few days of snowboarding the mountains, it was finally our last night at the resort. I got bundled up for the cold, and met Dale at the restaurant. We downed a few beers, ate a filling meal and headed back towards our lodge. On the way back, Dale wanted to take a different route, a longer route which meant a more colder route (negative 6 degrees).

With that I turned around to follow on what he said was a different route to him on his knee! In disbelief I asked, “Do my parents know?” He replied, “Of course…is that a yes?”

“YES! YES! YES!” It was a different route alright, a route that leaves us six months until our big day!

Image 3 of Jacqueline and Dale

Image 4 of Jacqueline and Dale

Special Thanks

Miroslav Celic
 | Photographer