Jacqueline and Asher

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How We Met

On January 24th 2013 I commented on a friend’s photo on Facebook. I was asking her about her car and how she lowered it because I wanted to lower my car. Well a guy commented underneath me telling me a better/affordable way to lower my car and that guy was Asher. From then on we became friends and officially met at a car meet in VA beach a week later. Our relationship started through cars. We officially started dating on May 25th 2013 and have been together ever since.

how they asked

It was a an early Sunday afternoon and Asher was persistent that we put the the lowering springs on my Lexus today (He had bought me the springs for Christmas). I made breakfast and then afterwards we finished working on my other car and then pulled the Lexus into the garage. The other car was not finished though (at least in my head) so I was still outside on the driveway messing with it and he was in the garage. He kept coming out there and asking me for my help in the garage. I was not done just yet but I kept telling him I would help. Finally he said in a more persistent voice “The RSX can wait please help me now.” I then stopped what I was doing and went to the garage. I started messing with the other front wheel as he was working on the other. He was smiling at me and I smiled back. I walked over and sat down near him for a second because I couldn’t get this one bolt off without his help.

He smiled at me again and said “Can you help me with this.” I walked over and started tightening the upper ball joint. He then starting talking about how we first met 4 years ago over a conversation about lowering my car and how it was funny that we were here now after all that time lowering the Lexus. I gave him a hug and could feel his heart racing and I wasn’t too sure why. He said he had something for me and with his greasy hands he pulled out this small black box from his pants pocket. His hands were shaking and I starting crying. He knelt down said “Will you marry me?” I said yes over and over again. I was crying, hugging him and he starting tearing up. Both of us were greasy and dirty from working on the car. We kissed over and over. It was so unreal. Asher started telling me how his mom’s original engagement ring was apart of this ring. His mom passed away when he was younger. He started tearing up a bit and I did as well. Which makes this ring so special to me and for him. His mom and family are apart of this ring. Now we can start to create a family of our own.

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