Jacqueline and Andy

Jacqueline's Proposal in Paris, France

How We Met

Andy and I met through work. He’s the photographer for the company I work for. My boss set us up almost two years ago and the rest is history!

How They Asked

We’ve taken a lot of trips together. So when we planned our trip to Paris, I didn’t think much of it. Andy knows I’m hard to surprise, so he went to great lengths to keep this proposal a surprise! He found a phenomenal photographer through Instagram and worked for months communicating with her to find the perfect spot to propose. When we got on the plane to fly to Paris, Andy told me he had a surprise for me! It was a Groupon for a five star bakery tour in Paris Monday morning. The catch though, it was at 8 am. We got up early Monday morning to catch the metro to meet up with the group for the bakery tour. We got off the subway, turned the corner, and there was the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower I have ever seen! Andy pulled out his phone to text the group that we had arrived. I was busy snapping photos on my phone and once he’d texted the group I figured I would sit down. He looks at me and says “no, no don’t sit down. It’s dirty”. I give him a funny look but shrugged my shoulders and said “okay”. At that moment he turned to face me, took my hands in his, and said “I’m sorry there’s no bakery tour”. Puzzled, I reply “awe man! I was hungry!”. He smiles at me and said “there’s no bakery tour, because I wanted to bring you to the most beautiful place in the World to ask you to marry me!”. At this point tears start streaming down my face. He gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I cried and said yes! The “group” he was texting was the photographer to let her know we had arrived. And he photoshopped a Groupon for a bakery tour. All to surprise me. He pulled off the most amazing surprise!

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

Special Thanks

Alina Raynal
 | Photographer