Jacque and Bojan

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How We Met

Day one of flight attendant training and the head of in-flight operations says, “who knows, your future spouse may be in this room.” I laughed and searched the room of 78 of my classmates and future coworkers, less than 10% of which were men. Let’s just say I was pretty sure Mr. Right was nowhere in site. Boy, was I wrong!

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Bo was a deputy Sherif in South Dakota who needed a change and I was a recent college graduate looking for an adventure and a way out of California. We quickly became best friends and after saying no to a million dates and friend zoning him for months I eventually said yes to giving him a shot. That date was a spur of the moment trip to Istanbul, Turkey and was truly the start of our love story.

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how they asked

Around our two year anniversary, we took a month long vacation in April of 2018 in order to travel to Bosnia, Bo’s home, where we had traveled a few times throughout our relationship. Let’s just say this vacation didn’t go as planned. Week one of vacation was me being sick, sleeping during family dinners and unable to do any exploring. Week two I ended up in the hospital with an emergency surgery due to appendicitis and was stuck in a foreign hospital with no visitors allowed for a few days. My parents who were in Italy at the time then decided to visit week three and while picking them up in Dubrovnik, Croatia we were involved in a three-car fender bender.

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Not our fault, thank goodness. At this point I was so done and ready to get home, little did I know forever was about to begin. The next day my parents and now fiancé decided to grab coffee in the old town walls of Dubrovnik before heading back to Bosnia. When we arrived at the cafe we realized it wasn’t open for tourist season yet which meant it was the perfect time to take some scenic pictures! I was on cloud 9 because Bo was taking photos with me without complaining and I was finally able to show my parents where the love of my life is from.

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Unbeknownced to me Bo gave my parents the nod and in between these cute photos I turn around to him down on one knee asking me to marry him. Oblivious, as you can see, I asked him if he was kidding followed by an absolute yes and some jumping shaking and shock!

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I literally got engaged to the man of my dreams in a castle! One of the worst vacations ever was turned around by four little words and a commitment to the most selfless man I know. Let’s just say it was a day and a vacation we will never forget.

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