Jacqualyne and Anthony

How We Met

Tony and I met 6 years ago when I was a freshman in high school and he was a sophomore. We went to different high schools but learned about one another through a mutual friend. We decided to meet up at a park, as soon as I laid eyes on him it was like love at first sight! We started dating September 13, 2009. At first I was so nervous to say yes because I had never dated before, but little did I know how much the future had in store for us! He was even my first kiss! Ever since that day we have been inseparable. Not only are we soul mates but also best friends we tell each other everything. I truly found my price charming.

how they asked

Tony booked a mommy and me photo session for mothers day for me and my son to get pictures together, he knows how much I love photos! So I took the chance to get myself all dolled up just thinking that I was getting pictures done with my son and a couple family photos. The location for the shoot was at the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Park. We signed in with Trista our photographer and friend and starting taking the pictures. After we were all finished up Trista said Tony and I should get a picture by this gorgeous tree in full blossom. She had me stand a little ways in front of him and after she took a few pictures she had me turn around and he was on one knee! I couldn’t believe it! My dream had finally came true, I had been waiting for this day for so long! He had everything planned perfectly and even our son was able to be there with us. It worked out perfectly and he even made me tear up a bit. I couldn’t have asked for anything to be done differently it was perfect!

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Special Thanks

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