Tiffany and Jacob

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How We Met

Jake and I met our freshman year of college. He was a west coast LA boy recruited to play football on the east coast at Columbia University. I moved to New York City from suburbia upstate New York. The college ministry of our church was meeting on Columbia for the first week of school to pray for each of our friends at different schools. We met, instantly connected. But it took me choosing to date another guy and three years after that moment on Columbia’s campus for us to start dating. 5 years later we’re getting married on that same campus that has provided us with so many memories! Now we’re moving to LA after the wedding, but when I’ll think of New York I’ll think about two kids crazy in love with big dreams for each other.

how they asked

I’ve (secretly) been a little engagement crazy! So when we went on a “double date” with our friends I glanced at his jeans pockets for any mysteriously bulging small boxes. Nothing. And he came to the date wearing a white v-neck, sneakers and a hoodie. So today did not seem like the day. Jake, the athlete that he is, warned me that he drank a lot of water on his way to our date. So we might have to stop if we pass by a bathroom. On our way to the restaurant Jake found a Starbucks and told us to grab a table and he’s meet us at the reservation. We were walking alongside Lincoln Center, which has been a meaningful spot for the two of us in our dating relationship. It’s been our central meeting spot to come and pray and spend time with one another.

So on this “date” when we passed by this area I got so excited and began sharing with our friends how meaningful this place was for me. While I was too distracted sharing with our friends why I love this spot (although they already knew) Jake was getting dressed into a jacket and tie to wait at the top of the steps for me. I took the escalator up and there Jake stood holding a yellow umbrella-remiscent of the yellow umbrella from How I Met Your Mother, which used to be our show.

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After he asked me to marry him, one of the first things I could process and ask was if my family knew.

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He said a few people are waiting here around the corner.

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Little did I know 60 of our friends and family came into New York City to be there right after the proposal.

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Everyone from his family in LA to my parents, siblings and grandma!

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