Taylor and Jacob


How We Met

Jacob and I met at a college party when I was 19 and he was 22. At the time, I played volleyball at Indiana State University and he played baseball there, too. We were both in the kitchen area, and he happened to be with his best friend, who I also knew. Jacob said, “Who is she” a little too loudly, but that led the mutual friend to introduce us. Fast forward a few months later when I was at an ISU baseball game. I saw this really cute guy running in from right field so I decided to look up who he was on the roster. I followed him on twitter (Thank you, social media!) where we began talking and got each others numbers. Two days later, we went on our first date. We stayed at the coffee shop until the workers were vacuuming around us and kindly made it obvious that we needed to leave. Well, it was history after that! A year and nine months later, we’re engaged!!

how they asked

We had made plans to go to the Shedd Aquarium for a few months. After one failed attempt when we made the short trip to Chicago, but then didn’t go in because of the four hour wait, I suggested we buy each other tickets for our Valentine’s Day gifts! As the day was getting closer, we were getting excited and decided that we wanted to walk around Chicago after the aquarium. Jacob had suggested that we go to the Adler Planetarium because the view of the city from there was stunning. After we spent our incredible day at the Shedd, we made our way over to the planetarium. As we were walking over, I realized how breathtaking the skyline of Chicago was. The sun was setting perfectly behind the skyscrapers and the cloudless sky was bright blue. We stopped and Jacob put his arm around me as we gazed across Lake Michigan back towards the skyline. It was then when he began to say how perfect the day was. He looked at me with the most serious look that I have ever seen, and he said my name. I looked into his eyes and started tearing up because I had a feeling I was about to become his fiancé. He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him.



“Yes, of course!” I couldn’t say it with more emotion! We kissed and I was in disbelief that I just got engaged to my best friend. I asked Jacob if anybody knew what was happening and he pointed over to the photographer who happily waved to me! I was shaking and tears of happiness were streaming down my face (Which I wiped off using his sweater).


Jacob had a few more surprises for me after the proposal, but the entire night was a fairy tale. We spent some of the night at the Signature Room on the 96th floor of the John Hancock tower. The next day, we went to both of my grandparents’ houses on the way home from Chicago, and then we showed my parents once we got back home!

Jacob’s parents live in Indiana, so they made the trip up to the Chicago suburbs to get dinner with my mom, dad, Jacob and me to celebrate the engagement! It was the perfect proposal and the perfect weekend all together… Which included popping a few bottles of champagne to celebrate.



Special Thanks

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