Rachel and Jacob

How We Met

Jake and I met at a party in Jacksonville Beach. I remember getting ready for the party and telling my friends that “I’m going to meet my husband tonight.” Little did I know, I did! My mom actually met him first and came up to me and said, “you need to go talk to that guy over there.” Moms always know best!! We met in the Summer of 2013 and have been inseparable ever since.

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Jake has his pilots license and for our first date, he took me flying over the ocean where we shared our very first kiss. My best friend and her boyfriend were in town from LA so Jake asked us if we wanted to go flying. I had no idea a proposal was going to happen! He flew us over the beach where he told me to “look down.” 8 foot letters were laying down on the beach that said “MARRY ME RACHEL” my dad has been secretly making these letters for a week! All of our family and friends were on the beach jumping up and down and waving. Alexa and Adorian were in the back seat filming everything! I was so surprised and immediately said yes! Best day ever!

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