Jacob and Mikaela

How We Met

In April of 2015, I was called to serve on the ASU institute council. The institute is a building on Arizona State University campus where students can come take religious classes and also a place where various activities are held. The council is in charge of planning these types of activities and also making sure all feel welcome at the building. Later that year in August, the council went on a hike to kick off the school year. There was a comment made that “there’s always one couple that meets through council and ends up getting married.”

Thinking I had already met everyone, I was quite certain it would not be me. In the middle of the Hike I met Jake for the first time. He had been away for the summer working out in Ohio so he had not been able to attend previous council meetings. After meeting him I thought, “Okay…. It might be me.” It took him almost 4 months to ask me out on our first date, but towards the end of the date, I knew I was going to marry him.

how they asked

Our church holds a bi-annual conference that is filmed in Salt Lake City, UT and broadcast-ed world wide. It consists of 2 sessions on Saturday, along with a men’s session in the evening (Also known as the priesthood session), and 2 sessions on Sunday. We were invited to Newport Beach, California to watch all of the sessions. We watched most of them within the comfort of our friends home, but the men were planning to go to a local church building to watch the priesthood session. We decided that afterward, the girls would meet up with the guys and we would all go out to dinner afterwards. While, I was upstairs getting ready for dinner, and thinking Jake was at the church building, he was actually out on the beach setting up the proposal.

I came downstairs, ready to leave for dinner and my friend Cassandra mentioned she had a funny video for us all to watch. I sat down and shortly after realized what was happening. Jake spent months filming this proposal video, from lip singing, to dancing, to going all the way up to Utah to ask my mother, at my late fathers grave, for her blessing. (We all live in Arizona so he was able to be up there the same time that she was visiting grand kids and I thought he was going up for work.) At the end of the video he asked me to come outside.

I stepped out the front door and the biggest surprise of all was waiting for me there, my mom! She had driven out with his parents to California the night before from Arizona and I was very surprised and excited to see her there. After seeing my mom there was a line of our guy friends holding roses all the way to the beach. Each guy asked if I would accept the rose (we love watching the bachelor together). At the end Jake was waiting for me with and proposed with the sunset in the background. Afterwards we celebrated with Martinellis and Hippo Cookies (a Newport Beach favorite).

Our Video

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