Lauren and Jacob

How We Met

We met just 2 years ago and it really was love at first sight.. We were introduced by a mutual friend , both with the attitude of “being set up will never work” – how wrong we were! We have been together since the minute we met. Jacob and I knew straight away this was different for us both , I remember him having dinner and meeting my parents 3 weeks after we started dating and I told him I loved him that night. There was something about the way he looked at me and smiled that just made my whole world fill with love.

We have built a house and introduced 2 fur-babies into our lives and could not be happier! Our 2 year anniversary was on 29th October 2017 and I had planned our day for us. Jacob’s Birthday was in August so I had booked us in to go horse riding along Noosa North Shore Beach. It just so happened the only day we had free was our anniversary so it worked out perfectly.

how they asked

Unbeknown to me, Jacob had looked at my emails and found the horse riding contact details – he called them and told them he was planning to propose! The day of the horse ride , we had a sleep in and we’re both eager to get on the toad and begin our day together! Jacob had a backpack with our water , spare clothes etc – in hindsight I now know why I wasn’t allowed to touch the backpack – there was also a ring hidden in there!

As soon as we arrived I started filling out the paperwork and the supervisor asked Jacob to come over to his horse as he’s “quite tall and they wanted to make sure the saddle was he right height”…… ie: they were setting up when he was going to propose and how to hide the ring in the saddle!!!!! I had no idea!

We had a beautiful 2 hour beach / bush horse ride with lots of beautiful photos, on the way back our supervisor told us we should jump off on the beach and have some photos in front of the horses.. so we jumped off had a photo with our arms around each other and then everything went into slow motion…

Jacob put his arms on my shoulders and slowly turned me around , he started telling me how much he loved me , how his life is so much happier with me in it and how special our future was. I was already crying at this point and by the time he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring (which is AMAZING and PERFECT!!!!) I think I had already cried out yes 100x and he hadn’t even asked ! Haha I finally let him ask those 4 beautiful words and I fell into his arms with a big YES!

We are so very excited and so much in love. I can’t believe I have managed to find someone as perfect and genuine as Jacob :)