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How We Met

Jake and I met in college, he played basketball and I played soccer for SFASU in Nacogdoches, Tx. As luck would have it both of us had to be there in there in July of 2013 for summer workouts. I met him when I was a freshman and he was a junior after my teammates took me to the pool and invited the basketball guys (s/o Meg, Waz & Lacey). Next thing I know we are texting 24/7 and staying up way too late talking despite 6 am weights in the morning. After about five months and a puppy later we decided to get serious and start really pursuing each other. In July of 2014, I told Jake that he was my person and that I was going to marry him.

After two years of being inseparable Jacob graduated and went overseas to play basketball professional and I finished up my Bachelors. Three years of long distance and two countries later, Jake and I are heading into our last year of long distance (EVER, that feels good to say) while I finish up my masters at the University of North Carolina. P.S to all my long distance ladies & gents out there: stay strong, be intentional and believe that the lifetime ahead with your person is worth WAY more than these few years apart. Even though you don’t know us, we’re pulling for ya!

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how they asked

This was the ONE weekend I didn’t not expect to get engaged. We had so much going on between friends weddings and birthdays and Jake working. His dad and mom were headed to their own date for his mom’s birthday and I insisted we take pictures on their porch bc lets be honest, the lighting is BOMB (I find out later this almost cost the surprise).

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They head off and Jake and I are headed to dinner and I’m just rambling about grad school when he’s like “Jazz, I gotta tell you something”. I kind of panicked thinking something came up and we wouldn’t go on our date but he explains how a guy at work mentioned helicopter rides over the city so he checked it out since are celebrating 4.5 years together and that he “luckily” got a last minute flight booked. I was like “OKAY JAKE” and I could not stop laughing because, 1. I did not believe a word, HE PRANKS ME ALL THE TIME 2. If it was true it’s in true Jacob style to book/do things last minute. Shortly after we pull into the Richard L. Jones, Jr. Airport and he asks if I believe him and I sigh thinking he’s got jokes and we’re gonna miss our reservation.

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We park and walk through the hanger and I’m like okay babe I believe you but I’ve never been on a helicopter so I’m freaking out. We load up and fly over Tulsa and into the foothills. The helicopter comes over the intercom to tell us we are going to land in this pasture and I’m like this is awesome but I’m starving and there is not a building in sight!! After we land Jake helps me out and I’m rambling about how I cant walk straight and he’s just shaking his head. Next thing I know this man is saying the sweetest words I’ve ever heard about our relationship and how he feels about me. And as I whisper “Jacob I swear if you’re just kidding again” Jake drops down on one knee and pulls out a little black box. I’m screaming yes and jumping up and down and then immediately hugging him. As I’m on the verge of tears Jake says “well, do you wanna see the right babe?”

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In that box was the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen, customized with two round diamonds that are special to his family and a “P” for Parker carved into the setting. After some pictures with the photographer, we walk over to Molly’s Landing for some food and to take a few more pictures.

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Jake says “baby I have one more surprise..” As I turn around I see his sister (who was “working late” in Waco, Tx), my mama (who was in “Galveston, Tx”), jakes parents (who were at “dinner”, which technically wasn’t a lie) and my dad and step-mom who I assumed were at home playing golf like most Saturdays. It was the absolute best night of my life and I could not have dreamed it up any better!

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