Danielle and Jacob

How We Met: Jacob and I met through a mutual friend, Jack Brown, during our freshman year of college. I was attending Cincinnati Christian University, and he was in school at the University of Louisville.

Jack Brown was one of my good friends during my first year at CCU, and he kept bringing up his friend Jacob and how good of a match we would be, I kept avoiding it because it sounded like a crazy idea!


LOL. Come to find out Jack had been mentioning me to Jacob as well during this time, and he just wasn’t feeling it either. About two months later, Jacob & I ended up adding each other on Facebook, and a few days later, Jacob finally built up the nerve to message me and get the ball rolling. He sent me a message saying, “Are you the famous Danielle Castleman I’ve heard so much about?”

Two weeks later on January 31, 2013 Jacob drove up to Cincinnati to meet me, and we went out to Fusian Sushi with a bunch of my friends from school. Everything went swell that night, and on February 2, 2013 we had our very first date and we’ve been together ever since!


how they asked:On January 1, 2015, I woke up to a text explaining our full day of shopping at Mall St. Matthews and the Oxmoor Mall, eating Chinese at the mall, and going to the “Before I Die Wall” on Market Street in Louisville. I was so excited to spend this day with Jacob because we both had Christmas money to spend and we were both off work. Jacob picked me up at my house around 11:45 that morning and we headed to Louisville.

We went straight to the “Before I Die Wall” and when we arrived there we got out of the car and walked up to the wall. Jacob wrote on the wall “Before I Die I want to impact the world” and the first thought going through my head was, (man I need to write something good).


While I was standing there thinking, Jacob proceeded to write “Before I Die I want to… do this —>”. As I read this I was so confused, and knowing how Jacob is I thought he was going to break out in a dance or something, but little did I know seconds later he would drop to his knee and ask me to be his wife, and spend the rest of my life with him!