Jaclynn and Travis

Image 1 of Jaclynn and TravisHow We Met: Our dads met in high school and became best friends. Travis and I grew up knowing each other our whole lives because our parents were close friends. When we were younger my sisters and I were forced to hangout with Travis and his older brother.

Then one summer night at a family party on the beach at Lake Erie, after not seeing each other for several years, we started to see each other in a whole different light. It was the summer of 2008 and I was 15 at the time and Travis was 18. I offered to take Travis and his brother jet skiing and Travis just wouldn’t stop talking! He was so excited and full of energy. I was instantly smitten but way too shy to think too much of it. A week later he left me a voicemail, thanking me for the day up on the lake and asking me to hangout again.

After three years of dates and dealing with long distance as he attended college in Atlanta while I finished high school, we officially started dating in April 2011. Travis and I were in Atlanta at Piedmont Park having a picnic on a blanket when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Our relationship has been nothing short of one crazy ride as we dealt with years of distance while we pursued our career dreams and learned to become even better versions of ourselves through the support, strength and love we offer each other. Our family and friends have grown even closer to each other through our relationship and we count ourselves as some of the luckiest people in the world. We are so fortunate to have found such a rare and special love so early in our lives. Our love story is just beginning but I can’t wait to see what our love has in store for our future together.

how they asked: I had just graduated from college and was spending summer at home before starting grad school in the Fall. Travis called and invited me out one night to go for a four wheeler ride back on the paths through the woods on their land. (One of our very first dates he took me four wheeling on his farm). It was a perfect night and we stopped in the woods because Travis said he wanted to show me something. We started walking through the trees when he stopped and pulled my arm to turn me around. When I looked back at him, he was down on one knee on the path. I instantly started tearing up as I tried to remember the sweet words he was saying. My immediate response was YES! I was beyond shocked because I never thought he would propose this summer. Then I asked if he had asked my dad for his blessing. With tears in his eyes too, Travis told me how he waited to ask my both my parents for their blessing when we were in Florida for Easter break that year. I was so touched by his commitment to my family and our traditions. He scooped me up and we were just trapped in such a special moment!

The next surprise came when he explained that he didn’t have the ring yet because he had designed it himself and his uncle who is a jeweler was making the unique ring. He explained that he was too excited to ask me so he couldn’t wait until it got in. The next day, Travis picked up the ring that he had been designing since December and he met me out at our family pond to finally put it on my finger! The ring was more than I ever imagined, including hollowed out letters from our last names to show tribute to both our families merging together. After he got down on one knee again to present me with the ring, we spent the whole night telling our family and friends our big news!

Image 2 of Jaclynn and Travis