Jaclyn and Brandon

How wet met: My best friend had been trying to pull me out of a funk for weeks. She thought taking me out to a college party with all of her boyfriends friends might help! She had a guy in mind to introduce me to, one she thought I had a lot in common with. While we stood at the bar waiting for a moment when he would be free from another girls claws, a man glided up in front of me, sticking out his hand saying ” Hi, I’m Brandon” the way a news reporter announces his breaking story. I shook his hand, and that was the end of it! He dragged me to the bar, where we chatted for hours. We even made it on the dance floor! While cutting a rug, finger pointing to my favorite song, I did the unimaginable! I stuck my finger up his nose!!

Image 1 of Jaclyn and BrandonParalyzed by complete mortification, I didn’t move for what felt like a lifetime. Then he did the most romantic thing, he scooped me up in the most comfortable hug I had ever felt, and he continued to dance with me. Separated by friends at last call, I thought I would never see him again. But a few days later, a message appeared in my inbox that said “nice moves on the dance floor Saturday, p.s I have a booger and need it picked, nose picker!” After speaking via phone for about a month, we finally managed to set up a date. He took me skating outdoors on the Olympic ring in Ottawa, ON. The coldest day of the year was made a bit warmer by hot chocolate and good conversation. We went on three dates that week.

how they asked: He asked me to go skating on our first date. He anticipated it would be the perfect opportunity to get close and teach me something. When I hopped on the ice in my figure skates, well worn in from yearsImage 2 of Jaclyn and Brandon of synchronized skating, he ended up chasing after me instead of dragging me along. 4 years later when he asked me to go skating, something he does every day, I eagerly jumped at the chance, with no hesitation. The day was perfect, Christmas looming, just the right temperature and we were together, a triumph for a long distance couple. When we rested on a bench and he smirked at me getting down on one knee he said “Jaclyn, I don’t know if you knew this was coming? I love you very much and I had a speech prepared but I am too nervous.” When he pulled the box out and raised it in front of me, I covered the box with both hands and said ” Tell me the speech, I want to hear the speech!” a comment I look back at now and am not at all surprised I made. I said YES more times then I can remember, and I’ve never hugged him so tight. When I looked up from our little love bubble, his younger brother was there with camera in hand, documenting the adventure. With no picture of the proposal (thankfully a memory shared by him and I alone) we sat breathless on the bench for what felt like hours, soaking in the moment, and staring at the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever seen!

Image 3 of Jaclyn and Brandon

Image 4 of Jaclyn and Brandon

Truly the best Christmas Ever! Now we start our next adventure… Planning a wedding!!