Jaclyn and Stephen

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How We Met

The moment we locked eyes poolside at our friend’s I just knew he was the one whom my soul was looking for & now loves with all of me.

how they asked

Stephen proposed to me recently in Saint Lucia on his birthday (1.6.16) at Sandals Grande Saint Lucian. I had surprise champagne & dessert delivered to our lover’s lagoon honeymoon suite(although the it wasn’t our honeymoon we always enjoy the best when traveling) for his birthday during dinner (not having any clue about what was going to happen). After his birthday dinner we went back to our room. We opened the door to our room and there were rose petal trails that led to our 4 post canopy king sized bed and also to our champagne & dessert. He then kissed me and threw me on the bed. We then made love (sorry about the details). Right after I turned around for a sec and there he was kneeling next to the bed with a little box opened his hand. The ring sparkling, dazzling ever so brightly. He then asks. I of course ball my eyes out for a while & then happily say “YES”. We held each other for a while & proceeded with a champagne toast to US & our lives together forever and always. We then fed each other the delicious cake dessert. It was the happiest moment of my entire life!!! A couple days after that we did the JJ tours excursion to experience all of what Saint Lucia had in store for us. I cannot wait to say “I DO” to the man of my dreams!!!

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