Jaclyn and Robert

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How We Met

It was July 3, 2015 and I was in Nashville, TN with two of my best friends for the Fourth of July weekend. We were at one our favorite country bars downtown and were seated at a high top table near the entryway of the second floor. I was dancing in my seat along to the band’s music with my arms in the air (or one could say I was “fist-pumping”). Meanwhile, Robert had just entered the same bar and I immediately caught his eye. Me, unaware of his pursuit, continued to fist-pump. Robert then approached me and whispered in my ear, “Sweet dance moves, girl. Keep it up!” and continued walking right passed me. I was so mortified for some reason and slowly put my arms down.

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Some time passed by and before Robert left the bar he returned to my table – according to him this was his “plan” all along and he felt he had successfully “planted the seed” and sparked my interest earlier (he was right).

We began chatting and hit it off instantly. We exchanged names and eventually numbers. I saved him in my phone as “Robert Nash” and he saved me as “New York Nashville” – clearly we were super serious about one another at the time. Our conversation was very short-lived and lasted 20 minutes or so. And that was the last time we saw one another while in Nashville.

We texted back and forth for the remainder of our trips and after returning to our respective homes, our conversations continued on (and obviously never ended). With endless hours of FaceTime, phone calls, and numerous flights, we formed an incredible relationship and friendship. And despite the 1,230 miles that separated us at the time, we fell in love!

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how they asked


It was May 14, 2016 and we were in Ohio for Robert’s family reunion. It was the first time I was meeting his mother’s side of the family so she knew it would be a memorable day but little did I know what Robert had in store for us.

Let’s back it up a bit… a few days earlier I was going to cancel my nail appointment but Robert insisted I keep it and “treat myself”. Not that this was out of the ordinary but it eventually triggered the “he-is-going-to-propose” idea in my head while I sat at the nail salon. I felt it made perfect sense since it would be very hard to hide an engagement ring in our apartment especially since I work from home. We were traveling to his mother’s house the next day so I believed the ring must be there. RIGHT?! Well once we arrived, I realized I was terribly wrong when his mom jokingly asked, “so when is the wedding?”. She made comments like this often but I knew she wouldn’t have done so if there truly was an engagement ring sitting in the room next door. So with that, the idea of a marriage proposal ended. What a silly idea I had.

Now back to the reunion two days later…

After dinner, Robert gathered his family around to thank everyone for attending – at least that is what I thought he was doing since he had mentioned on our way there that he planned to do this.

I was seated at the kitchen table, completely unaware of what was about to happen, and Robert stood next to me rambling on and on about family. Then he said, “I am so thankful for our family and so happy to see all of your faces here today. But there is one face that I want to see every day for the rest of my life.” With that, he turned to me and dropped down to one knee. OH MY GOD! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! He presented me with a stunning sapphire engagement ring and asked me to be his wife. YAY!

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I was balling at this point with lots and lots of happy tears. I could barely get words to come out of my mouth as I was so overjoyed. I shook my head up and down and finally said, “OF COURSE!” The easiest decision in life had just been made. We hugged and kissed and as he place the ring on my finger the family around us cheered and clapped. It was awesome! AHH, I’M MARRYING MY BEST FRIEND!

And although I thought a few days earlier that he may propose, I never saw this coming nor did I ever think it would have taken place at the family reunion. His mother had 100% thrown me off the track. But it was absolutely perfect, quite the wonderful surprise, and being surrounded by loved ones made the moment even more special!

Later on, I found out that Robert had asked my parents for my hand in marriage two weeks prior.

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