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How We Met

My story starts a long time ago, but I’ll flash forward to college. I chose Widener University against my will because it was close, they offered me a big scholarship, and it was a great nursing school. After a few months in, I realized that not only did I hate commuting, but I also hated Widener, and I really hated nursing. After much prayer, I decided to change majors at the end of my freshman year to Elementary Education and found out that I would need to complete a 5th year. I was so angry at God for keeping me somewhere I hated for such a long time.

During my 4th year at Widener, me, four friends from church, and one awesome staff worker all started a Christian Fellowship on campus called InterVarsity. It was so awesome to see people come to Jesus on campus and I knew that’s why God led me to Widener. But he wasn’t done there. I was now a super senior and excited to finish up college. Now let me tell you, I have been praying for my future husband for a very long time, but I was in no hurry during that year because I knew I could live it up while single. But during that summer before my final year of college on my 22nd birthday, I decided to get serious and prayed that the Lord would bring me my future husband very soon.

Robert Michael Troop moved into Widener University the very next day (August 26, 2015, which two years later is the day he proposed!) At our first InterVarsity meeting, I met Rob and immediately thought he was the best looking man I’ve ever seen. He was really tan, tall, handsome, and funny. We all joke that we thought he was a foreign exchange student because of how tight his clothes were and how dark his skin was. We stayed after the meeting with a few other friends and talked till the wee hours of the night until campus safety showed up and kicked us out. I was amazed by him. I found out that he was not foreign but actually from 45 minutes away, the sweetest guy I’ve ever met, and oh did I mention he told me he was a FRESHMAN. Remember… I’m a super senior at this point! I thought I was crazy, but there was just something about him that was so intriguing.

When we were leaving, Rob got a phone call and I made a joke saying something like “oh it’s just his girlfriend calling” (hoping he’d reply that he didn’t have one.) But instead, he nodded his head and went out to take the phone call. I was crushed. He’s 18, has a girlfriend, and is wayyyyy out of my league. What was I thinking?! Being a girl and overthinking everything, I texted a friend saying “I just met the perfect guy for me. Except he’s 18 and has a girlfriend… ) I knew that I didn’t want to start any trouble and that Rob was such an amazing man that deserved to have his heart protected. We continued to become friends and hung out in groups while I hid my feelings. I quickly realized that being just friends was not enough for me and I was in a dangerous spot. I got advice from our staff worker at InterVarsity and he encouraged me to share my feelings with Rob. Not with hopes to one day be with him, but to help him see how I was feeling and to take a step back from our friendship. WAS HE CRAZY?! I’m 22, never had a boyfriend, heck I’d never even told a guy I liked him, and now he wants me to go to a little freshman with a girlfriend and tell him I’m falling for him?!

Although I was so nervous, peace overcame me as I told Rob how I felt and he handled it very maturely. He didn’t share any of his feelings but he thanked me for my honesty and said that would help him be more cautious around me and that we could still remain friends if I was comfortable with it. I wanted to continue being his friends but weeks passed and my heart kept hurting. He and his girlfriend had been on a few “breaks” and I just knew it wasn’t going to work out whether I was involved or not. Finally when I was at my witts end with him, at 2:30am just a few short hours before my flight to Arizona for a conference took off, he told me that he had officially broken up with his girlfriend because she wasn’t who he wanted to be marry. He said that he had feelings for me but that he needed time to heal and be single but that his intentions in a few months were to pursue a relationship with me. At this point, I’m thinking in my head “you have got to be kidding me.” I couldn’t stop thinking about him, texting him, and praying for him. Those few months were a giant whirlwind but we began dating December of 2015 and I knew shortly after that he was the man I would marry because he was everything I had ever prayed for and more.

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how they asked

Throughout dating Rob and I would talk about marriage here and there. We knew that summer of 2018 would be when we’d want to get married, so in my head a 12 month engagement would be perfect. The whole summer of 2017 I kept my nails done and would freak out any time Rob and I had something planned that required me to look nice. I began to overthink everything!

My birthday is August 25th and Rob told me we would celebrate the day after. He told me we were going somewhere special and to look nice. I was very aware that it could be a proposal but I didn’t want him to know that, so I texted him some pictures of dresses and asked if they were nice enough for the “restaurant.” That morning I was left home alone because my mom and sister had a “community group party” and brought a lot of meatballs. (which spoiler alert: they were for the engagement party) Rob was coming for me at 4pm and it was around 11am that I realized I was home alone with nothing to do.

I went to the DMV to get a new license hoping that would take up some time and I was only there for 20 minutes. Everything I tried to do to take my mind off of the anticipation wasn’t working. I was getting ready when I decided to check my phone and see what my friends were up to. I went on Snapchat and decided to look at the locations of my friends. (if you say you haven’t done this, you are missing out or in denial) I was scrolling through the usual locations until I saw my best friend Regan. She was in a car near her house when she was supposed to be at college 1.5 hours away.

I immediately thought that was very suspicious so I texted her feeding into it. She completely lied to me about where she was and what she was doing so I thought “it’s either a surprise birthday party or my engagement!” A few minutes later I saw my sister’s location was at Rob’s house and I completely freaked out. I called my friend Kaitlin in Texas, the only friend I could trust because of how far away she was, and she told me not to get my hopes up and that it’s probably a surprise birthday party and for me to put my phone away. (After we hung up Kaitlin called Rob because she was also in on it and Rob yelled at everyone to turn off their Snapchat locations!)

I told her I wouldn’t go on Snapchat again, but I was bored and decided to check again and I saw Rob’s friend Josh at Rose Tree Park, which is exactly where Rob and I said “I love you.” I knew right then and there that in a few hours I would most likely be at a park with my FUTURE HUSBAND. At 4pm when Rob was supposed to pick me up, Regan showed up to my house with a blindfold.

Although I knew what was happening, my head was still spinning. She drove me to Rose Tree and led me to where we said “I love you.” I took off my bandanna (thinking I’d see Rob) and it was my best friend Livvy. She and her two kids were holding a picture of Rob and I as she read a letter to me he had written. My head was still spinning and I was so confused.

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She led me to a tree about 20 yards away that my mom and sister were standing under. They were also holding a picture of Rob and I and a letter about our first date. It all caught on to me in that moment and I began crying as they read. I was led to 10 total stations filled with family and friends recounting all the memories Rob and I had made together. Each station made me more anxious and excited because it was another station closer to Rob.

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By the time I finally reached Rob’s best friend at the last station, he told me Rob was waiting for me. I was led down a dirt path into the woods. As I walked farther and farther down the path, our song began playing and Rob stepped out from behind a tree. He met me and walked me a few feet to the exact location he had picked out when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We cried, kissed, hugged and stumbled to find the correct finger to put it on in that nervous, perfect moment.

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After a few seconds of time to be alone and enjoy that moment, we turned around and Rob yelled to our crowd of family and friends about 40 yards away “She said yes!” They erupted and cheered and it was the best moment of my life. I later on asked him how he thought all of that through and he said “I put your two favorite things together: sentimental memories and your favorite people.” Every person I love in my life led me to the person I love the most. I have found the most thoughtful, genuine, and loving man I could have every dreamed and prayed for.

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