Jaclyn and Rich

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How We Met

Rich and I met at a bar in college. It was “$3 pitcher” night on “thirsty Thursday.” A mutual friend introduced us and he bought me a pitcher, which was a really big deal for a college budget. We “coincidentally” ended up in Atlantic City a few weekends later with separate groups of friends and after that he asked me out on a date, and the rest is history.

how they asked

It was New Year’s Eve night and we had plans to go to my aunt’s house to celebrate like we do every year. Rich said he might have to work late, (which isn’t out of the ordinary) and that he would meet me there when he could. My dad was going to be in the area so he said he would pick me up to go so that Rich and I didn’t have to take two cars. Well, when I walked into her house he was standing there in this red blazer, black bow-tie and five dozen roses. He walked me over to the piano and started playing John Legend’s song, “All of Me,” which has been our song since forever. I guess I should have prefaced this with saying that Rich does not play the piano. I later found out he has been learning to play for the past year and that there has been a keyboard hidden under our bed all this time. After the song, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. As soon as I said yes both of our families flooded the room with screams and tears and well wishes. The rest of the night consisted of gifts, toasts, cakes and of course a New Year’s celebration. It truly was perfect.

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