Jaclyn and Nick

How we met: The night we met happened to fall on a random night in August. Nick and a couple of friends went out for a celebratory dinner; he had recently been called back up from the Minors to play for the San Diego Padres. One of those friends who celebrated with him happened to be my roommate. I remember that night as if it were yesterday. Tired after a long day at work, my roommate asked me to join her out but I passed. I don’t know what drove me to change my mind that night but something truly told me to get up and go out; looking back now, I’m thankful for that moment. After a couple of hours relaxing on the couch, I got up, got ready, and joined the group at a local bar for what was supposed to have been ONE drink. Eventually, a drink turned into a few. We had an absolute blast getting to know each other with great friends around us. The following morning I realized I didn’t even leave him my phone number!! But leave it to Nick to ask my roommate for it; he made sure to ask me to go to his game that following night…& I did.

The rest is history. Nick and I haven’t gone ONE DAY without at least hearing from each other since then.

Image 1 of Jaclyn and Nick

how they asked: In celebration of our 2 year anniversary, Nick surprised me with a trip to Kauai, Hawaii. It was set for December, giving him a couple of months to find the perfect ring and plan a proposal. When the time came to meet with his jeweler, he would tell me he was “golfing with the guys”. I still laugh looking back on the mornings that Nick left the house in his golf attire, carrying his clubs only to drive two hours to look at rings. He definitely fooled me!!

Image 2 of Jaclyn and NickFinally December came and it was time to go on our much anticipated trip to Kauai! Our day of travel went well; I still wonder what Nick would have done had security stopped us to look through his backpack where my engagement ring was hiding in the airport! Lucky for Nick, us two and the ring got to the Hawaiian resort safe and sound. We arrived just in time to lay out on the beach and watch the sunset. It was Nick’s original plan to propose somewhere romantic on our trip like a helicopter ride or hiking to a waterfall but with all of the anticipation and nervousness built up, he was ready to get down on one knee as soon as possible; understandably so! He brought the ring with us to watch the sunset in hopes that he can propose at that point but there were too many people around. Nick hoped to keep this proposal private, away from any and all bystanders. Of course I was clueless to everything; he even managed to hide the ring box well in his swim trunks, only walking on my left as it was wedged between his left hip and trunks. It was time for Nick to turn to another plan… Plan B: Dinner. Fast forward to leaving the restaurant, after dinner. Nick took me on the longest walk back to our hotel room. I was so tired from the long day of travel that I was just focused on getting back to our room; that bed was calling my name. Nick on the other hand, he was focused on finding the perfect spot to drop down on one knee. Everywhere we went, every little romantic stop on our way back to our room, people just popped up out of nowhere! Looking back now, I can’t help but laugh at the thought of what was probably running through poor Nick’s mind at that time.

Image 4 of Jaclyn and Nick

Then as we were walking back to our room, sitting right before us was this beautiful little red bridge. He took me straight to it, making me think we were simply going to cross it to get back to our room. We stopped halfway, he gave me a big hug, and said my full name. It was at that point that I knew what was happening. All I said in response was, “What are you doing?”. Nick then replied, “You might want to sit down for this”. I sat and in complete shock, excitement, nervousness, (its truly a feeling I can’t put into words) I watched him get down on one knee, pull out the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen, and ask me to marry him. Quickly I replied “YES!!”

Image 5 of Jaclyn and Nick

Needless to say, Nick was beyond relieved to get back to the hotel room on our first night in Kauai with a fiancé. We spent the rest of our time in Kauai living life to its fullest, celebrating our engagement, just the two of us. This trip to Kauai was by far the most perfect way to start the rest of our lives together.

Image 3 of Jaclyn and Nick

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