Jaclyn and Kevin

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How We Met

To celebrate our anniversary, my fiancé Kevin was super excited to be planning a trip to Lake Placid, NY for a romantic weekend getaway. This was an especially meaningful anniversary as it was the first year of us being back together. Kevin and I were High school sweethearts (see some hilarious baby faced pics below!)and began dating on June 10th, 2002 (Our Sophomore year of High School). We dated throughout high school and our first year of college, but as it usually does, life happened, and we ended up going our separate ways…until our paths crossed again 10 years later (almost exactly to the date of our anniversary!) and the flame was instantly reignited.

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how they asked

Kevin insisted on planning this Anniversary trip by himself and being the “Type A” planner that I am, it was extremely hard for me to step back and let him make all the arrangements. With that said, he was pretty secretive and nonchalant about what we would be doing while we were there, other than that we were staying at the beautiful Whiteface Lodge Resort (I’m pretty positive I drove him insane asking him about 2,343,908 questions). (Side note: Kevin’s aunt works at the Spa at Whiteface and was helping us get a pretty killer “Off season Family & Friends Rate” for the weekend – It was June in a Ski town after all). Nevertheless, all Kevin would really tell me was that his aunt’s boss “Garett” was going to “hook us up” when we got there.

The day of our trip finally arrived, and before leaving town, we made a few stops to stock up on the regular road trip goodies: subs, pretzels, Chex mix, slim Jims (duh), a diet coke, and some champagne for the hotel. On our drive up, I’m pretty sure we got into like 3 different tiffs related to traveling up the windy roads to Lake Placid and I probably said some dramatic rude comments along the way (something along the lines of “Well this just isn’t going to work if we can’t even communicate about which liquor store we’re stopping at and when you want to eat your sub!”…..I clearly had no idea Kevin was planning to ask me to marry him this weekend…what a witch! hahaha)

We finally make it to the amazing Whiteface Lodge and begin checking in…and much to my assumption (because remember I didn’t get to plan it!)…things start to go haywire. We get the keys to the room, drive over to our section of the resort, and lug all our stuff to the elevator. Now remember, this is June 9th, the beginning of the summer, in Lake Placid, NY (Home to the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics for crying out loud!) and it was basically a ghost town! We couldn’t find a bellhop, luggage cart, or another guest for that matter, in sight! Kevin tries to put the key in the elevator to get us up to our floor and we are greeted with the lovely rejection sound and red light. Kevin proceeds to try the key in every way imaginable, and then I of course feel like I need to try it myself as if I have the magic touch….but I didn’t, because I got the same darn sound and red light. I suggest we call the infamous Garrett to help us, (who he had been texting the whole ride up) but Kevin came up with some sort of excuse as to why he didn’t want to “bother him”.

We decide to wander around to try to find someone to help us, and finally come across a sweet worker who says she will phone the front desk to get someone over with a new key (because remember the front desk was in another part of the resort…that had to be driven to). After waiting for what felt like 30 minutes (it was probably only like 8), we decided to drive over to the front desk ourselves…only for them to tell us the new key has already been walked over to the other side of the resort by a bellhop. Now we are literally chasing a bellhop trying to get the new key. (And all the while I’m thinking….”This would never have happened if I planned it!”).

We finally get the new key, get to the right floor, and open the door to our room….and I basically put my foot in my own bratty mouth. We were staying in the biggest, coolest suite I’ve ever stayed in!! It was legit HUGE. I of course had to film an MTV cribs style video to show the world how cool our room was. We literally could have had like 10 other people staying with us. I immediately apologized for being such a brat and we enjoyed the rest of the night in our awesome room.

The next day, our actual anniversary date (June 10th), we decided to walk around Lake Placid, do a little shopping, and enjoy the amazing pool area at the resort. While at the pool, I of course asked a million questions about dinner and where we were going (again Kevin probably wanted to kill me). He said Garret had set up a shuttle for us to check out Whiteface Lodge “Canoe Club”, “an exclusive Lake Placid beachfront facility, located just down the road from the resort, before dinner. When the bartender came over to us at the pool to order drinks, I of course decided to ask a million questions about this fancy “Canoe Club”. Much to my shock and disappointment, the bartender said “Oh I’m sorry the Canoe Club isn’t open tonight”. I was like WHAT?! and immediately looked at Kevin with the “did you know this?!” face! Kevin looked just as shocked and I naturally replied “Why don’t you message Garrett and see what’s up…why would he say he could get us a shuttle if it wasn’t even open?!” Kevin handled it well and just said “OK, Babe I’ll figure it out” (again wanting to kill me I’m sure)

Fast forward to getting ready for dinner…Kevin says we have to go to the lobby to catch the shuttle to the club and that Garret has assured him that the club was indeed open…maybe the bartender was new (hahah). We go to the lobby and I’m expecting some run of the mill astro van or birnie bus to be greeting us as the shuttle…..NOPE….try a 2016 BMW 7 series….driven by an Olympic Skeleton athlete in training (who knows our own Erin Hamlin from Remsen, NY….I say “our” like I know her personally…but you get it…small town pride). The car was so cool and literally felt like we were riding in a space ship.

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We get to this little dirt road path, drive down to the end of it, and a log is basically blocking the entrance to the beach front. It looks completely deserted, and I’m immediately suspicious. The driver says “Ok here you go! I’ll be back in like 15 minutes?”. Kevin says “sounds good!” and I’m all like huh?! The bar’s not even open! What the heck are we going to do for 15 minutes hahahahha Little did I know. So we walk around and check out the beautiful beach front and Kevin proceeds to tell me that because it’s off season, the bar was closed, but Garret let us come see it because it really was a beautiful beachfront and has awesome views of the mountains. We decided to check out the view from the boat docks….

Kevin kind of walked slowly behind me without me knowing and took some pretty cool pictures of me walking obliviously to the end of the dock, checking out the landscape. Kevin catches up to me and we sit down in two cute little Adirondack chairs at the end of the dock. I then remembered I had brought the infamous selfie stick and decide we should take some pics with this awesome background! Adorable pictures ensue and I’m sure Kevin was sweating bullets (as I was getting lipstick all over his lips).

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As I’m taking my phone out of the selfie stick apparatus and commenting on a little old man reading a book on a nearby dock…I turn around…and there Kevin is on a knee!!! I literally don’t remember much of what was said next as I was in complete shock (I’ve seriously asked Kevin what he said like 15 times). All I remember is Kevin saying something like “…I love you so much, will you marry me?….well??” and I said “your lips are magenta!!….yes!!” We kissed and cried and it was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life.

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Shortly after taking a million selfies with my stunning new ring (Kevin completely outdid himself!) and fiancé, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man walking towards us on the beach front carrying a fishing pole and tackle box. He walked right up to us on the dock and said “I couldn’t help but notice that you two just got engaged! Can I be the first to take a picture!?” I was so shocked of course I was like yes yes! And he was like “Congratulations, what’s your email? I will send you the pictures!” I couldn’t believe how awesome it was that someone was there to take our pictures after such an exciting and special moment!

I put out my hand to thank him and shake his hand and said “Hi I’m Jackie! Thank you so much!” and the fisherman shook my hand back and said “You’re Welcome, My name’s Garrett”. My jaw completely dropped and I couldn’t contain myself. I shouted “SHUT UP! DO YOU EVEN WORK AT WHITEFACE?!” and we all started laughing hysterically. Garrett kept his cool and said “I don’t know what you mean”. I convinced myself that Garrett was a professional photographer who Kevin had hired to capture the whole engagement.

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After making a handful of teary eyed and excited phone calls to our closest family and friends, we hopped back in our suite ride and headed to dinner back at the Lodge. I kept saying I didn’t know if I was going to throw up or pass out (or both!) from being so shocked and excited!! Everyone was so wonderful us at the lodge and greeted us excitedly as the newly engaged couple. We ate an amazing dinner and even met up quickly with his Aunt & cousins before heading back to our room. As we walked into the suite, I was greeted with a dozen long stem red roses, champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries….and much to my surprise…a wooden Whiteface Lodge engraved picture frame with a picture of the PROPOSAL RIGHT INSIDE OF IT!! You know, the one that happened about 2 hours before!!! I was in complete shock and could not understand how I could possibly be looking at what I had just experienced a few hours earlier. My head was spinning and it was one of the coolest and sweetest things ever. We laughed and cried, kissed and hugged the night away celebrating our engagement and the amazing job Kevin did pulling it off (despite my obnoxious questions and almost ruining it lol).

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It wasn’t until the next morning when we were checking out that I met Garrett AGAIN. But this time, he looked a little different. He was dressed in a suit and looked rather dapper as he was checking us out at the front desk. He truly was a manager at the Whiteface Lodge and the day before was his day off. He really was out fishing and happened to own a really nice digital camera. He offered to take our pictures and he & Kevin had set the whole thing up. He got the picture developed in One Hour photo at the local Rite Aid and set up the picture frame for us in our room after dinner! I was completely blown away. Every corner I turned there was another amazingly thoughtful surprise! I didn’t know what to do with myself!! Kevin really planned the absolutely most perfect engagement and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I guess forcing him to watch all those episodes of “The Bachelor” really paid off!!

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